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January 22, 2006, 12:40 am

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Generational Stone


Harbouring the accumalated memories of generations of the Uluun,it offers either great wisdom or raving insanity.

Wandering the open seas during the course of their never ending migrations,the massive Uluun have encountered many puny races. Some like the Anura of Tarrod see them as divine beings of the ocean,while others who have been unfortunate enough to incur their wrath such as the Eshal,see them as fell monsters armed with a fiendish,vile genius. But truly,who among them can hope to fathom the way the minds of these engimatic denziens of the deeps work?

They would perhaps be mollifed to know that the Uluun have an advantage over them not only in their long lifespans,but also in their ability to pass their wisdom to their descendents,untarnished by times.

When an Uluun reaches the end of it’s long existence,it vomits out a large red gemstone that is easily the size of a large coconut. Spherical in shape,it seems to burn with an inner fire.But when one touches the beautiful,flawless surface,he will be suprised to find that it is soft and pulpy to the touch. For this is no real gemstone,being an object infinitely more precious. It is the organ that houses the memories and accquired knowledge of the deceased Uluun,as well as those of the ancestors that came before it. When consumed by the offspring of the Uluun,the child will immediately inherit a store house of wisdom that goes back for millenia. In this way,the discoveries and knowledge accquired by one generation is passed to the next,creating a collective pool of wisdom that grows rather than shrinks as the years go on. Every young Uluun will see all that their ancestors did,will learn all their ancestors did and thus avoid making the same mistakes that they did. Reknown among scholars and wise men will be the lucky mortal that manages to get his hands on the wisdom of the Uluun.

Magical Properties:

The Stone can be consumed by those not of Uluun kind too,though it will be more far more difficult for them to digest it.

In addition to obtaining the memeories of the Uluun,the eater will also be able to speak and comprehend their mysterious tounge. However,the allure of all that knowledge is tempered by two facts.

Firstly,there is the danger that the wisdom of Uluun kind may be far too powerful for the limited mind of an inferior being,rendering him to the state of a living vegetable. Secondly,the Stone must be only taken when the Uluun dies of natural causes. Those who murder a Uluun to obtain it’s precious Stone,will find themselves victims of it’s terrible curse. Their minds wil be invaded and bombarded constantly by the Uluun’s pain and agony in its final moments,making them feel its death throes as if it were their own.There will be nary a moment of respite,until they finally break under the strain of the Uluun’s curse and descend into insanity.

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Comments ( 8 )
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December 9, 2004, 22:51
Verrrrrrrrrry Kewl! Couldn't post more

December 11, 2004, 19:51
I like it.

December 11, 2004, 20:17
Quite intriguing. I've been tossing back and forth between a 4/5 and a 5/5 for a couple minutes, but this time, I think its worth a:


These Uluun soung interesting. May be interesting to learn more about them.
December 11, 2004, 21:57
I'm glad you like it guys!I thought it might be intereseting to create a kind of magic unqiue to a certain race reknown for it's wisdom.I settled on the Uluun which seemed to fulfill that requirement.You can learn more about them under the ''Races of Tarrod'' section in the Eshal thread.
Ancient Gamer
December 12, 2004, 6:08
First and foremost: I really, really like the idea Maggot! I think I have to plunge into the Eshal thread and see what it is all about! It'll be my little Christmas project. (Along with the other 4 settings currently in development)

One question does come to mind: "If they have these amazing and powerful abilities, how come they aren't all powerful rulers?"

I am also suspended somewhere between a 4 and a 5, closer to 5 actually. So I let ShadowEagle's vote count for the both of us ;)
December 13, 2004, 22:10
To aswwer your question,the Uluun are a very deeply philosopical people that don't crave power the way most other beings do.This is why they would rather teach inferior races than rule them.The post on Uluun should explain everything.
Voted Pariah
July 26, 2006, 20:29
Only voted
Voted valadaar
April 3, 2014, 13:41
Hmm, this is neat. Imagine if one of these held a secret you wanted, but would not impart to you willingly. You could wait, a looong time.

You need to link the Uluun to this one.

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