This item can be created by nature clerics and druids for travelers without a water source. Divine magic creates a freshwater pearl in a river mussel. (The river must be among the most pure and fast flowing.) The pearl contains within its magic sheen up to 4 gallons of fresh clean water.

To release this water a character must contemplate their gratitude to the earth and caress the outside of the pearl with some liquid. As this liquid flows over the pearl it releases twice its volume in water. The pearls may be safely held in the mouth and sucked upon until one has quenched their thirst or it may be transferred to a pot where it will produce water more quickly. After releasing a total of 4 gallons the pearl is dry.

A swallowed pearl will not harm a respectful character but a despoiling character must make a save against terrible pain and damage. A swallowed pearl disappears.

Soaking the pearl in very pure water and ardent prayer may revive a pearl for repeated use. Holy figures with sanctified fonts to refill in may get years from a single pearl. Laity typically will get no more than 7 uses. Each time a pearl is revived it soaks up as much as 4 gallons of water.

A spent pearl remains a valuable and venerated item to the clerics who created it. Callous disposal of these items is resented by the clergy.


The great confluence of people gathered at the last river on the desert edge. They were peasants, refugees how could they survive in the heat? How could they survive without water?

Ahead the holy one raised his hands and a cool mist rose from the river bringing a tranquil calm.

'Kneel before the waters, as I have taught you. Promise the land your sweat as you receive its bounty. You shall not corrupt it with sickness nor abandon it in its age - its future shall be tied with yours.'

The holy one walked among the kneeling supplicants gathering the most fervent, lifting them up and placing a pearl in their empty left hand.

'With your left hand hold the land's riches. With your right hand you pledge to defend her.'

This was the first ceremony of the Giving Pearl.

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