Music has been at the heart of warfare and a soldier's life since the dawn of history. Even the instruments on which it is played have themselves acquired great power. Armies have been identified by the sound of their bards and instruments second only to the colors of their uniforms and flags as emblems of honor or terror.

The function of music in warfare is twofold; as a means to organize and communicate across the battlefield and as psychological warfare against your enemy.
Many armies have rode with great bands to

The use of music was also used as morale for the men, odes to battle, something to give the men power and remind them why they were fighting, filling them with pride.

There are tales that can be taken as allegory, such as trumpets bringing down the wall of a fortress but in reality signalling the attack, and then there are tales where the item has done exactly that, brought down great walls with a mighty blast of force.

But there is a darker side to some music and the ways they are created. A monstrous sound or wail, an unholy screech, cast out from the side of a dark army can lead to fear and hesitation, a momentary distraction which can lead to a quick turn in battle as fleeing soldiers are easier to cut down them those willing to stand and fight.