Full Item Description
A small tube of black stone capped with a piece of red jade, a flask of fire, is also called the Favor of Vulcan, Ifrit's Breath or the rather common Firebottle. Roughly the same size as a scroll case, this adventurer's item has been enchanted with a Continual Fire spell. While remaining cool to the touch, it holds a small amount of flame that is constantly burning though it was need of neither fuel nor air to burn.

The origin of the Flask of Fire has since been lost to the ravages of time, but they were quite common in the days of the old empire and are becoming more common in progressive regions and cities like Vandergraff. The method of making them requires a plain stonework tube made of igneous or volcanic stone, capped with red jade, or some other fire resonate material. Some Imperial relics include highly polished flasks inlaid with gold and silver filagree. Capstones were ornately carved works of art, or could even be rubies of some value. In more poor regions, only a red jade button served as a coverstone.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The flask contains a small bit of magical fire that can be used to produce a small and inefficient amount of light. Its real purpose is to serve as a lighter of sorts. A bundle of twigs can be lit with the flask and then used to light a pipe, or used to start a campfire, or light a lantern or torch. It is more expensive than carrying a cresset, or iron lantern, that is filled with hot coals, and safer too as it cannot spill, or burn someone. If the flask is broken, the flames are snuffed out. Most flasks of fire last for 8 to 10 years before needing to be recharged, though this requires a mage to cast a fire spell into the flask.

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