200 years after the Creator had created both Felenthur and Impthus, the Creator already knew that someday, one of his greatest Creation (Felenthur and Impthus) would betray him and rage war among his other creations. Thus, he had secretly created the Farons together with their realm. Vuderan. The Vuderan Realm are impassable and cannot be entered by any of his creations. 

First, the Creator created the Vuderan Realm. A dark pitch world with no visibility, a place that is close enough like a Black Hole. An infinity world. After the world took shape, the Creator forged a massive city inside it, where soon, this city will be filled by the Voidlings (Farons) a creature that walked and govern this world with their own free willing. 

After Vuderan finally completed, the Creator creates the Farons. Where he wanted to make it different from the other two. Unlike Felenthur, with the heart of darkness and Impthus, with the heart of light, the Creator infused the Farons with no souls at all. The first of the Farons were Imsir Fo Arev ( Imsir the First ). After his whole structure was completed, the Creator whispered to Imsir's ear ' Live and breath, Imsir '. A few moments later, Imsir breath and he started to raise his hand towards the Creator. Imsir was blurred to what he sees and had no clue at all. And then, the Creator whispered again ' Fill it with Knowledge '. After the Creator whispered, Imsir then had a thousand visions of the Past, Presence and the Future, making him as a walking book. He knew everything about what the Creator's creations. And what the Creator thinks, is the same what he thinks. As if, Imsir, was the second Creator himself. 

After the Creator managed to create Imsir, he then created a thousand more that is the same with Imsir. But Imsir's had already attached with a set of armor, making him special than any other Farons. Starting from that moment, Imsir had been given mandate to rule over the void realm and to lead the Farons. And soon, the Creator had teached the Farons the Vuderan Tongue ( Vuderan Language ). This language is encrypted so that both the Athlran and Lannen cannot understand them, but the Farons can speak in other language, as they were given an unlimeted knowledge from the Creator.

Lastly, the Creator had given them an order, which is to choose side either to go with the Athlran or the Lannen, when the times come. Imsir, hold onto this order with his own life, as he came up with a decision to help the Living World and the Athlran to defeat Felenthur and his minions.


100 years after the creation of the Farons and their realm complete. Imsir was given an immense knowledge about the Creator's creation. Thus, he had wrote everything he know about the Creator and his creation in a book. Imsir, took 50 years to complete the book and another 10 years to find a safe haven for the book to be kept. After the book was completed, Imsir named the book, Arnarn Feraro.

' Your highness, you had spent a lot of time with the book, and the whole of Farons are worried about you ' as Xir'Nur complete his words, Imsir replied in the Vuderan Tongue:

O gyn 10 arg gau tos a manilno fido gau bial fon nyn fiand gau no tiaur ter nech fo Athlran as Lannen. An fo Funer cith gen so, O siand no tiaur as faro gau ann con funain. Fian, O cindo ladosath gau nan av Arondo ev nariov fo Niarog Cann as fo Con Cundav, mau fil fav kan rirbo, olo od fang finn rarando as hun feng el. As ann od ion, finn can fergo fau emlrioth glioth el.

' I took 10 years to find a suitable place to put this book just to be fair for both the Angels and Demons. As the Creator had told me, I must be fair and square to all his creations. Thus, I have decided to build an Archive in between the Burning Hell and the High Heaven, so that when chaos rage, one of them shall retrieve and learn from it. And all of us, shall help those who indeed need it. '


It's been a norm that the Farons will protect and help those who needs it. And they won't tolerate with those who commited violence, and it doesn't count even if an angel do the violence. But mostly, they rage war with the demons, who are in fact, a race that did violence and wreak havoc upon the Living World. But both Felenthur and Impthus never knew about this event. Because, Farons won't let any of those who did violence escape or ran away, and there will be no second chance for those who are evil. And those who oppose the Farons, won't have the chance to tell the tale. 

' I wonder, what such power can destroy all my minions on Al-Kamand border? '

- Drerik, ArchLord of the Spider Religion, discussing about his massive army easily defeated on Al-Kamand border by the Farons.   

If Vuderan were isolated from the Living World, High Heaven and Con Cundav, how can the Farons reached on either of these world?

This is because their knowledge is limitless. They can invent everything what crosses their mind. Thus, they had created a portal, that is unique enough from any others. With this portal, they can reach everywhere on the faces of the world, while other beings cannot reach their realm without the Sutherian Key. Thus, with this massive portal, they can drop their mighty army into the battlefield at once with a blink of an eye.

Apart from that, the Faron soldiers are equiped with an advance and unique equipment. Each of their equipment are forged with a unique material which is known as Runix. This material are much stronger than any other material that can be found from any other place. And much more lighter than any other steel.

Their armor are thick, so that it can withstand any incoming projectile from the enemy. At the back of the armor, were installed an attacheable hole, where the Farons use it to put their banner on. In short, each of the soldier carried a banner that boost their morale in the battle. Their sword is rather unique. It is slightly curved and at the tip of their blade was sharp as a dragon tooth. It is designed to be effective as possible in both piercing and slicing through their opponent's armors.

The Farons aren't just highly trained to be an effective fighter, they are also trained to endure any magics. Farons are formed without any physical form, which makes them invulnerable to any magic or curses.

' They are more terrifying than the demons and the cultists. They are formless. I saw one of the ArchLord cast his immense power onto the creature, but nothing seems to happen! '

- Neren told the event that he saw with his own eyes to his tribe as soon as he was saved from the Spider Religion.


' I saw how the demons were defeated with my own eyes! The horde was travelling down south to the Al-Kamand Desert, and in all of sudden, thousands of fully equiped creature stand firm in front of them. '

- Mirnd explains to Emperor Averemarn I, as soon as he was saved from the demon hordes.

The Farons had their own army that brought them victory against evil. Each of the Farons soldier are immune to any magic and curses.

Faronite - Faronite are the backbone soldier for the Faron. They are hardly trained in the aspect of warfare in the battlefield and are ready to face their opponents no matter how strong they are. The Faronite are equiped with full set battlements, which consists of full set armor, a shield and two pair of Diarath Fiso (It is a type of blade that is slightly curved and very sharp at the tip of the blade. It is designed to be effective in both slicing and piercing through their opponents armor). Since the material used on froging their equipment is Runix, all of their battlements are light weight and yet stronger than any other steel. This work well with their formless body, making them twices more faster than their opponents. 

' They look like a walking armor. Nothing at all. They even move faster then skeletons! '

Ravager - Ravager is a type of machine that decide everything by itself. It is made to wreak havoc on their enemy without mercy, especially those who commit violence. This machine doesn't need a personel or Faronite to move it or to decide. Like any other Faron, the Ravager are designed to protect those who are innocent and to destroy those who are evil. The Ravager are heavily equiped with heavy weapons such as, battleaxes and warhammers. Sometimes, they are equiped depending on their role on the battlefield. Common Ravager are armed with either battleaxes or warhammers, Siege Ravager are armed with a cannon that empowered by the very essence of Vuderan and an Elite Ravager are armed with a long spear that is empowered by the very essence of Vuderan. Elite Ravager are usually lined forward to encounter the demonic Spire.

' I was astonished that the machine easily defeated the demonic Spire! Thus, I took the chances to ran away! '

Shadow Seer - The Shadow Seer are an elite Faron that execute their quests in a smaller group. Usually only 2-4 Farons in one team. Their role on Vuderan are as an agent that gave out information to Imsir. Their knowledge about the shadow are way to deep than Hirkan, the Demonic Prince of Shadow, which, his own shadow are actually overtaken by one of the Shadow Seer. Impthus, the Luminous Justicar was once visited by the Shadow Seer. The Shadow Seer only armed with two kaiser blade attached onto their arm and a cloak. They are fast and can overtake anyone shadow without the owner know they did.

' Who knows that our shadow is not ours anymore... '

Ornasir - Ornasir is a ranged fighter of the Faron. They used their psychic powers to create a projectile to throw it onto their opponents. They can even manipulate any magic that were casts on them to do a feedback on the caster.

' I thought by the time you embraced the dark religion, you could cast your spell and defeat anyone. Turn out to be, you aren't that deadly '- Desir, mocking one of the human who embraced the spider religion.

Sometimes, the Farons will reveal themselves to those who are innocent. They reveal themselves to comfort and gives help those who needs it.

  1. Xir'Nur - He visited Impthus on the High Heaven to share the prophecy about The Brothers 
  2. Din'Kassar - He lead 600 000 Faronite to help Emperor Titer IV that are losing the battle against the Spider Cultists
  3. Xir'Kax - He visited Mugandir, to share the knowledge on creating battlements.
  4. Din'Barra - He made his first appearence in front of Felenthur to take away Arnarn Feraro from being desecrated by the demons.
  5. Tas'Mongkar - He shouted from Mount Tivia that are located north from Ashantar City, during Emperor A'Shantar I stand to hold their grounds from Ni'Zael, to motivate them.
  6. Xir'Tarth - He visited Avnon and Pivon secretly to share Arnarn Feraro and the knowledge of warfare.

' I don't know anything about the Farons. But what I do know, is the Creator won't let evil overcome those who are innocent. Thus, probably, the Creator sent them to us '

- Avnon, discussing about the Faron with Pivon after they were visited by Xir'Tarth


No one knows exactly how to interact with these creature. According to Tidas, in his book Living With the Unknown stated that;

Those who wishes to interact with the Farons, one must surely obtain the Sutherian Key, in order to meet them or to interact with them. But, before one do so, the person who wishes to meet them must be purify from any darkness in their heart, as the Farons are created to vanquish evil and darkness.

The Sutherian Key are believed to be the only way to start a conversation with Imsir. But, even though one had possesed the key, it is not that easy to simply activate it and start to interact with the Farons. The key itself will sense if the key holder are worthy enough to be brought in front of Imsir to start a conversation with them. One of Arnarn Feraro page stated that;

And cherish, those who are innocent, because we will help those who are indeed need it. For that, keep in mind that we only listen to those who are persecuted...

Their heart must be pure enough, to start a conversation with us,

Their soul must be pure as Impthus, to start a conversation with us,

Their mind must be free from demonic sedition, to start a conversation with us,

And be warned! Those who had commit violence that the amount are the same as the ocean! We will never show mercy on them, and we will never tolerate to those who persecuted the innocent!

Those with the heart of darkness, will face their own wrong doings,

Those with the soul of Felenthur, will be brought to justice (slaughter),

Those with the mind filled with demonic sedition, will never had a chance to even see the dullest of light,

Mostly, those who walked the straight path wouldn't need to obtain the Sutherian Key, as the Farons themselves will visit them in person, to share the massive knowledge. Once again, Impthus was visited because his intention to protect those who are innocent are sincere enough. Thus, Xir'Nur visit and interact with the Athlran using the Athlran language. Emperor Titer IV was helped by Din'Kassar because his heart and intention to protect the straight path are sincere enough. Thus, 600,000 Faronites stood before him to protect the innocent. Mugandir was visited by Xir'Kax because his whole life ambition was to forge a battlements for those protect the innocent. Sensing his intention was sincere enough, Xir'Kax appear in front of him and gave him a knowledge of forging battlements. In short, the Farons only interact with those who are sincere enough to walk the straight path.

' You don't have to obtain the key, you only need to be sincere enough if you want to interact with them '

-Impthus, advicing Fendrel I during their meeting at the top of Ashantar's Castle...


They have Runix equipment and are invulnerable to all spell, what kind of power in this world, that could defeat them?

Those who are once saved, accidently saw, or personally interacting with them had asked this question to themselves. Do they even had a weaknesses? Can they even lose a battle with the darkness?

No one knew the answer until, Avnon and Pivon came into one fact. Pivon came into a conclussion that the Farons have no weakness, but instead, it's the demons who have one, if one had to put out a fire, one must surely fight fire with fire, and if someone had to fight darkness itself, one must surely fight darkness with darkness.

In the other hand, Avnon stated that, the Farons had no weaknesses at all, but only one. The Creator himself. The Creator had whispered to Imsir's ear Live and breath, Imsir, thus, Imsir lived and walk the void realm, and, the Farons will surely vanished if the Creator whispered to Imsir's ear Lay down and die, Imsir. 

Even Imsir himself had wrote inside Arnarn Feraro about themselves;

We are created by the Creator to overcome the other two (Felenthur and Impthus). Because when the time comes (the time when the world are engulf in chaos) one of the two will betray the Creator. Thus, the Creator had created us to defeat this betrayer, just in case if one of them turn their back from the Creator.

In other words, we are created secretly by the Creator, so that the innocents will make a good use from us. Learn from us, study with us, work with us and to make the world a better place together.

And to be honest, we are created to be just and fair to all his creations. And I wonder, why does me and my kind are formless and have no souls, where actually we are the protector of the innocents. And why can't we be like the angels? But I knew, that there is something from us, that the Creator wanted to show to all of his creations, especially Felenthur...

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