This is the lowest of the low. Pages normally are personal servants or runners,messengers, or even armed guards at times. They are usually assigned to a certain important official, who can do with them what they wish. Status is indicated by the number of Pages you have control over. Age level is usually 12 to 15 for this rank in most societies. There is no pay in this position. The insignia is a strait horizontal bronze bar.(Insignias are worn on sleeves while in uniform.)


The Rook is regarded with more respect within this system, though not much. They are always simple foot soldiers who are given tedious tasks and are made to patrol bases and camps. Pay is 2 Crowns per week(about 50$ in current money) and until a promotion, Rooks are not allowed on horseback or on wagons, nor a seat at any table. This is different from the Pages, as their master usually gives them an unusual amount of respect. The insignia is a diagonal silver bar.


The Legger is regarded with much more respect, as the promotion shows that they have endured and passed the cruelness of being a Rook. The pay is 6 Crowns per week(about 150$) and they are allowed on horseback, and to seat themselves at a table. Duties are now demanding, however, as each Legger usually has a score of Rooks to command. The insignia is a diagonal silver bar over a golden torch, making an x shape.


The Bladerunner is the last Lower Class Rank. They command much respect from everyone, as they have now proved themselves in battle several times over. The pay is 11 Crowns(about 275$) and they have their own company, which consists of 4 scores of Rooks with their Legger commanders. The insignia is a gold Diagonal bar over a silver five point star.


The Surge is the only officer rank; however, there are three levels, 3rd Class, 2nd Class, and 1st Class, in that order. The pay is 20, then 35, then 50 Crowns(about 500$, 875$, and 1250$), and they are in charge of entire battalions. The insignias go from 1 to 2 then 3 gold stars.There are only 15 Surges in an entire army.

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