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December 6, 2005, 2:23 am

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Eye of the Typhoon


A shard of Typhoon set into an exceedingly large amber, this powerful pendant grants clarity of sight and temper to the wearer, as well as several other powers over the storm.

Many thousands of years ago, when the Blades of the Storm Queen were shattered in battle, one small fragment of one of the blades, Typhoon, was embedded in the trunk of a tree. As any other wound, sap flowed about the translucent blade, and crystallized about the fragment, entrapping it in amber.

It was not until millenia later that a madman who’d attempted crossing the Desert of Divine Despair found the amber, freed from the tree by a bolt of lightning. Not understanding what he found as he picked it up, he spent precious hours staring into the yellow stone. His confusion magnified, he eventually snapped from his trance and fled, not even noting in his delirium that the storms about him had ceased. Several weeks later, it was his misfortune to die in an attempt to fly like the sparrow he’d decided he was across a wizard’s moat.

The wizard, however, was far more prepared to deal with the divine bauble that dropped, most literally, in his lap as he was out for his evening swim. After much consideration and deliberation, he polished the amber carefully, into a sphere, and set it as the stone of a rather gaudy looking pendant. The Amber appears to be the eye of some demonic creature, bringing forth the name.

Magical Properties:

A fragment of the Divine Sword of the Storm Queen, Typhoon, the source of the Eye’s power is the translucent, jagged shard that forms the slit ‘pupil’. Composed, as it is, of a shard from the non-cutting edge of the faintly curved blade, the Eye of the Typhoon is a less combatative fragment, serving as a support for more deadly portions of the blade. These functions are only reinforced by the nature of the setting.

Now that the power of the Eye has been shaped, it has become a powerful artifact to bolster the mind and senses. As the Eye is donned, the wearer’s sight, hearing, and smell become sharper, significantly beyond the normal for mortals. The air becomes clearer, easier to see through, and the breeze always sees to bring the sound and scent of far away things. So too, do etherial things become clear, a tiny fraction of Her senses bestowed upon the wearer.

Further, the mind becomes supernaturally calm and balanced, so much so that it is extremely difficult to rouse any sort of passion in the wearer of the amulet. He does not become a logical machine, however, his thoughts will be unclouded by anger, lust, grief, or the like. It is further difficult for him to feel pressured or panicked: The more absolute the chaos about him, the greater this calming effect. In addition, the wearer of the amulet gains a sort of weather sense, and can both predict and recall the weather with absolute accuracy. Note that the Eye does not grant the power to control the weather, but rather, simply knowledge of it.

In times of great peril, the Eye may take a sort of defensive action: Just beyond the length the wearer can reach with arms outstretced, a thin wall of high velocity wind may encircle the wearer. While many forms of magic can penetrate this barrier, projectiles, blades, and even human flesh are ripped to shreds by the force of the wind. There are no simple limitations on this power, however, the wearer must feel significantly threatened, and may not conciously invoke the power.

The longer the Eye is worn, the more detatched the wearer becomes from reality, feeling as if he is drifting over the mortal world with only the fleeting touch of the wind. It is not uncommon for the wearer to forget his mortality, and die of self-neglect.

The calm at the Eye of the Storm is not quite invulnerable, however. Should the outside influences succeed in unbalancing the wearer of the Eye, he will lash out with all the fury of the storm. Characters so enraged will strike out uncontrollably with gale force winds, massive devestation their only goal until the fury subsides after several hours.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Zylithan
November 15, 2005, 1:03
I like it. Not too powerful (depending on how often the wind shield comes up and how strong it is... I would make it probably very good against missles, but not so effective against melee strikes wind will effect a sword less than an arrow) and subtle. It also carries with it a penalty, and a creative one at that. The detachment seems to fit with the item.
Voted Mourngrymn
October 11, 2006, 9:09
Why I never commented on this during the Shards of the Storm quest is beyond me... I like this a lot.
Voted valadaar
July 22, 2015, 11:57
A great item and a nice contrast to the weather controlling items that are typical for the shards of the storm.

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