What is an ELMS?

An ELMS is a medical practice that is operated outside of the legal jurisdiction or borders of any country, nation, state, or other legal entity. These practices are found on ships, free habitats, and other locations that are declared and recognized free sites. Most of these site tend to be small, strategically worthless, or are otherwise poor or lacking in value. By operating outside of such legal borders,the ELMS does not have to abide by the medical laws of any nations, nor are they limited to what they can charge, and they are beyond being pursued by legal means.

Why pursue treatment at an ELMS?

Criminal background makes accessing traditional medicine or black hospitals dangerous, and could lead towards being arrested or detained.

The desired medical operation is illegal in the person of interest's home country, and only the underground and ELMS offer access to this radical, dangerous, illegal, or otherwise immoral procedure.

The procedure is highly illegal, immortal, and unethical as it is being done against the patient's will.

Sample ELMS, Dr Susan Weaver and the Medical Frigate Sebastian Weaver II

Dr Susan Weaver is a morally bankrupt highly educated scientist and surgeon. She has four medical degrees and counting, and is quite surprisingly, well over 300 years old. Weaver was convicted of crimes against God and humanity during the Petroleum Era, and was subjected to some of her own research and was cryogenically frozen. She spent more than two centuries frozen before being recovered and thawed by a private interest in the early part of the Cosmic Era. After this, she quickly adapted to her new environment, and took up her old studies. She is more than willing to perform any medical procedure a client desires, and the more experimental and risky, the more interesting it becomes.

Dr Weaver is a tall and stern woman with sharply cut features, short black hair, and her smile is a disturbing blend of a wolf showing its teeth, and a skeleton peeling it's face back to mimic human emotion. She has an interest in classical literature, and an impressive collection of 19th century memorabilia and books.

The Sebastian Weaver II

Sebastian Weaver was Susan Weaver's brother, an equally morally bankrupt dilettante and hedonist. Much of Dr Weaver's more criminal enterprises grew out of caring for her brother and his wastrel lifestyle. He ended up being murdered, and her plan of revenge eventually was the cause of her capture and incarceration. After being brought back, Weaver's medical aptitude, bolstered by access to medical AI and med-pods she was quickly able to afford her own ship and to create her own practice. The first practice was aboard the Sebastian Weaver I, an independently registered surface ship. Formerly a EUdAS medical ship, the rechristened Weaver was stocked with a solid medical supplies and a handful of trusted medical aides.

The Weaver I was still an outdated surface ship, and was restricted to what waterways were outside of various national jursidictions, and was commonly in the same places as undesireables like the Python Patrol and other terrorist factions. These two led to the investment in the Weaver II, and the eventual scuttling of the Weaver I. The Sebastian Weaver II is a custom build medical frigate based off of the UAC Laurentian class, and was built by the Cosmica Sidera Corp and NOMAD.

Features of the Sebastian Weaver II

Weaver II has three full operating theatres, a cybernetics center, a medical grade polyforge, an operational bioforge, a medical L/AISC system, a small cloning facility with three creche tanks, twelve med-pods, and a crew of over two dozen medical autons. The ship also has a number of detention facilities for holding unwilling patients, as well as recovery suites for guests willing and otherwise.

Access and Services

There are two methods of dealing with Weaver and her services; waiting until her ship is in close proximity, or offering enough money or something else of great value to bring her to where they are. Most often, the Weaver II moves from place to place, on where her agents on the ground have noticed an interest in her services. The Weaver spends most of it's time around the Lunar Free States, and the various stations and habitats of the inner system. The ship visits Earth itself only once every five years or so. Getting Dr Weaver to make a 'house call' costs in the vicinity of tens of millions of dollars, or exciting and illegal medical technology, xeno-biology, or some medical relic.

Client Services - Weaver is willing to do almost any non-tedious medical procedure, and charges high rates for this. She will create clones, do brain transplants, replace organs, regrow limbs, and the rest. In the field of cybernetics, there isn't a cyborg modification she won't attempt. It's fascinating stuff.

Personal Research - Weaver also has her own interests, and this requires human testing and fresh victims. This research goes into her own medical portfolio and almost every procedure she does, was originally done on an unwilling victim. The victims are typically either subjected to nerve stapling, or they are recycled for their organs and biomass.

Vendettas - rather than research, people who anger Weaver might end up in her grasp, and that usually ends up with horrific and cruel surgeries done as punishment.

Plot Hooks

The ELMS is a contractor and hires the PCs to do groundwork for them, gathering payment, collecting samples and or victims, and so forth.

The PCs are cyborgs and augments, and a ELMS is the source of their modifications, and the people who keep them up to date and or patched together.

The ELMS has been targeted by another shadowrun level organization and the PCs have been tasked with finding the ELMS base (ship, aerostat, submarine, etc) and eliminate it

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