The purpose of MedStar Corp is to provide cutting edge medical support and evacuation services for those who have the financial ability to secure a contract with MedStar. The primary clientele of MedStar consists of celebrities, government officials, the upper management of of the hyper and megacorps, and the obscenely wealthy.


The core of MedStar service revolves around the use of A-pod hover craft. The MedStar corp traditionally uses New Hanseatic League manufactured Lynx III aerobus, a large and powerful craft that has been also used for the Hanse military as a VIP transport, and several megacorps employ luxury versions as flying limousines. The MedStar variant replaces most of the rear of the vehicle with a med-pod mobile unit. This turns the Lynx into a flying one person hospital unit. The unit has a pair of medical adjutant autons that do the actual retrieval of the injured person and place them in the med-pod, or on the craft as needed. The Lynx has a pilot and copilot, and it is not uncommon for MedStar Elite clients to have their rescue craft crewed by more autons, so that no one sees them in a compromised position.

The Mobile Med-Pod has some novel functions not available on normal pods. The first non-basic function is the ability of the pod to flood itself with biogel and force the patient into a limited form of hibernation. The dense gel can prevent excessive blood loss, and the lowering of body temperature can prolong how long the patient can last without more specialized care. In the instance that this is not sufficient to care for the patient's injuries, the pod can perform a last ditch cryonic discharge and literally freeze the patient. This ends what the pod is capable of, and usually requires a major overhaul of the unit after the frozen patient and gel are removed.

MedStar has subcontracts to various medical service providors, ranging from elite black hospitals to medical frigates, to extra legal medical services. This allows for the high profile clients to escape all but instantly lethal injuries and do so in a manner that leaves almost no mark on them. The use of ELMS and arcanotechnology has even allowed some individuals to literally cheat death, having the brains transplanted into new bodies, or transitioned into clone hosts, or cybernetic hosts, without the public becoming aware.

The medical autons are likewise atypical. MedStar medical autons have skillsets on par with surgical robots and physical abilities matching combat robots. This makes them certainly expensive, but it also means that when it comes to collecting a patient, they are capable of digging through rubble, removing bystanders, and performing emergency medical stabilization on a patient before whisking them away to the med-pod, and then onto top tier services.


MedStar was chartered by a number of megacorp interests, creating a high power highly capable search and rescue force for themselves. Most of these elites were aware of the nature of arcanotechnology, or the potential of dimensional fatigue events, and how quickly even their own golden towers can be undone by a reactor failure. Craving security and immortality, MedStar allows for just the elite to be rescued from highly dangerous situations.

The service was a success, but was controversial and funding was difficult. Not actual funding, but concealing the funding so that the common folk didnt learn that their masters had literal golden parachutes to save them from disaster. The win came when certain celebrities picked up the service, and MedStar stopped being a gold evac for soulless and corrupt moguls and became the emergency service of the stars. Celebrities in accidents, in drug overdoses, in assassination attempts, and all the other dumb things celebrities do, were all rescued by MedStar and the PR game turned around. Celebrities and the ultra wealthy got onboard with the service as well, but were unaware of the nefarious purpose. The larger user base also provided more funding for the corp, and it became a regular corporation, just one with a dark source.

Game Use:

The most upfront use is for MedStar to function exactly as labeled on the tin. They are an elite ambulance service and can be background for most operations. The patrons of the PCs can be whisked away from dangerous situations, or a high ranked Mr Johnson fixer can have the same protections. If the PCs themselves are elite, it isnt out of the norm for one of them to have access to a MedStar account.

For a less obvious route, MedStar can keep retrieving the foes of the PCs, seemingly from the brink of death and zipping away with them. This allows for the villain to reappear for a later second chance.

MedStar can also be a crumb trail for the PCs to follow so they can be lead to a secret medical facility where horrific science and medical research is being done.

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