Needlefall: The unfortunate character trips over a hidden wire and sends reams of pine needles cascading down over himself and the party. Well, pine needles interspersed with real, sharp ones dipped with spider-venom. Such traps take a long time to set up, and are not very useful: it takes ages to pull the needles out of a carcass for eating. It's mainly a sadistic streak in the Ettercaps which makes them use device like this.

Groinpiercer: This unpleasant ettercap trap is a simple long, sharpened branch tied to string which runs over another branch and then down onto a concealed trigger (a snare under some leaves or something similar). The character steps on the snare which then lifts the branch swiftly into place, with the horrifying eponymous results...

Pool of Fetor: A combination which at first appears harmless, but after a little while you realise the appalling cunning of the Fetor trap. A small boggy area is concealed under leaves, like a clagged-up pool. When a player puts her foot in it it releases an awful stench which clings to her clothes and feet. All very amusing no doubt. But the Ettercaps have spiked this natural pool with Fetor, their fear-induced secretion (like sweat), which naturally attracts Hazurgi, the vicious wolf-like inhabitants of that part of the forest. They will come looking for terrified Ettercaps, but finding puny humans will be just as appetising...

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