The concept is simple, the solar deity of Eron Hrag has gone mad, and has been mad for some time. The supreme god cycles through moods that match the Prismatic Spray/Prismatic Wall spell, with each representing a different phase and emotional aspect of it's madness. The genre fantasy world has been mauled and badly damaged by the madness of it's god. The other gods are unable to handle the solar deity, though things like the Lunar deity eclipsing him can grant the world respite, but at great cost to the lunar deity.

The Yellow Sun

The yellow sun is the stable sun, the baseline.

The Red Sun

The sun burns red, and becomes cruel and harsh. Winter turns to Summer, and Summer turns to the season of immolation. Temperatures soar, and fire magics become easier and more powerful.

The Orange Sun

When the sun burns orange, the weather becomes hostile and violent. Worst, the rains scorch the ground. Plants wither, stone is scored, and the waters are blighted.

The Green Sun

The Green sun is the Sun of death. The sun causes strange illnesses, a sickness. (the radioactive sun)

The Blue Sun

The Blue Sun is the cold star, Summer turns to winter, and Winter turns into a time of death

The Indigo Sun

The Suns burns a dazzling indigo, flesh turns to stone.

The Violet Sun

The violet sun is incredibly bright, and can quickly cause blindness. Secrets are torn away, hidden things are revealed, and things created from magic are destroyed. Magic items have to be protected from the sun

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