Encyclopedia Geographica VOL I - III, ED I 1572

Encyclopedia Geographica VOL I - IV, ED II 1580

Encyclopedia Geographica ED III 1590 (It is one massive book! A full 10 Kgs, 23 lbs)

Encyclopedia Geographica VOL I-VI, ED IV 1600

A Brief Encyclopedia Geographica ED IVa 1605

Encyclopedia Geographica VOL I-VI, ED V 1610

A Brief Encyclopedia Geographica ED Va 1615 - Accepted as a primary text at the Great College of Collon!

Geographica Historical VOL I-X ED 1618, a complete history of the world known to date. It takes all the historical data collected by the Society and collates it in one place. This series has been banned in one country because it honestly reflects some politically embarrassing history. To be fair, many criticized it in the Order's home country because of certain notations in its history.

The Encyclopedia Geographica is the seminal work of Civilization. The Books are bound in Geographic Green textured leather, with brass accents along the spine. They also have a green ribbon attached to mark one's place.

This book has a map of every civilized and most uncivilized places in the known world with articles that explain the peoples, societies, governments, flora, and fauna, found on those maps. It also includes a world map, showing which areas are mapped. While the current edition is very 'terse' in its write ups, it is very complete. One can honestly say, you are holding the known world in your hand when holding this book. In fact, governments across the known world 'subscribe' to the Encyclopedia, so they can have several copies for government use.

(It is the CIA Factbook of its day http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/ )

The Encyclopedia Geographica is the product of the Royal Geographic Order. The Order sponsors fact finding expeditions across the world, exploring new territory and doing research in old ones. The order brings together all this knowledge. Every decade or so they summarize it and publish an Encyclopedia. The Order publishes more books and is one of the largest publishers of books in the Known World.

Editions in various foreign tongues come out one to three years after the primary versions do. They are fairly translated, but some countries do their own translations (sending copies back to the Order).

note: One is currently being produced as a gift for the Warlord of the Marches Nomads, so The Great One can learn all about the rest of the world beyond The Marches.

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