Key Historical Events:

2018 The Saudi Arabian and Iranian war turned nuclear and large portions of the Middle East was destroyed before the reset of the world could stoop the chaos.

2020 Seeing the destruction and the millions of lives lost during the nuclear war, the governments of the world agreed to immediately eliminate and destroy all nuclear weapons.

2022 Allnuclear weapons are eliminated, however the regional wars still carried on.

2025 The Kepler Space Telescope detects two large 'Comets' (~10KM in Diameter) traveling past Uranus

2026 The South African Large Telescope (SALT) tracked the 'Comets' and observed them enter a spiraling orbit around and into Saturn. The largest television audience on Earth watched the live broadcast streamed from SALT in anticipation of witnessing the 'Comets' crash into Saturn. When the 'Comets' abruptly stopped their decent and left the orbit of Saturn there was a collective gasp from the audience. Over the next 60 days most activity on Earth came to a halt as the citizens watched the streaming video feeds from SALT and other large satellites that were trained on the Unidentified Flying Objects 'UFOs', as they were now being called. These UFO's resembled large asteroids, essentially large rocks traveling in a controlled manner. The UFOs circled and descended into Jupiter's orbit then abruptly head toward Mars. When they entered the Martian orbit one of the UFO's split into two sections and headed toward the Martian surface. One section (~5KM in diameter) landed near the 'Mojave Crater', where the British Beagle III rover was inspecting iron ore and the salty brine liquid accumulating in the crater and the other landed near the Southern Hemisphere.

The video feed from BIII (as the Beagle III became known as) was broadcasted in near real time (~5 minute delay) on additional channels. BIII video stream showed the UFO landing near the Mojave Crater, the audience was in pure silence as the UFO softly landed near the crater and the side of the UFO opened. Out of the UFO came short stout two legged upright creatures with arms carrying hand held equipment and tools. The creatures a few hundred by estimates, which looked like humans but shorter (no more than 4 feet tall and very broad shouldered) fanned out in an organized manner to encircle the UFO or ship as it is now being called. When the creatures came near the BIII the Earth based ground controller's natural reaction was to try and move it backwards away from the creature. However, two of the creatures charged the BIII and before the camera was smashed the video stream broadcasted a heavily bearded face with deep set eyes and metal cap raised a large hammer and swung it towards the camera.

While this was happening the second UFO left the orbit of Mars and headed toward the Earth. A mixture of chaos and calm overtook the Earth, the typical citizen who lived in a controlled society went into panic mode and chaos. The citizens who normally lived outside the norm banded together with the military in a controlled calm manner to quickly plan against the anticipated landing of the ship or ships on Earth.

The UFO circled Earth and split into two large halves of a rock split in the middle. One portion descended toward Australia and the other toward the United States. The United States Military prepared to attack the UFO if it landed within its borders; however the Australian government was indecisive and did not decide on a course of action. The first UFO landed near Olympic Dam near Adelaide, Australia. The citizens watched (and ran) as the UFO slowly landed on multiple houses and structures completely flattening them, however the military dispatched troops to surround and monitor the UFO. Just like on Mars the sides of the UFO slid opened and small, however now large creatures stepped out of the UFO. These creatures were 18 plus feet tall with grey rock like exoskeletons. Several hundred of these creatures fanned out and formed a large half circle around the entrances of the UFO. The Australian military did not approach the creatures but simply monitored from a distance.

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