HistoryPercy was tired of being picked on. Tired of getting tripped and bumped in hallways. Tired of being the target of practical jokes, being locked in closets, and hung upside down from flagpoles.

When Percy had left his father's trade as a stone-mason, had left his home and family, and come to Fremnot's school of advanced spellcraft, he had not known what to expect. But after a few months of being the school's biggest target, he wished he had never gone.

What he hated the most was the washroom. It was there, where he was naked and vulnerable, that they always did their worst. He still had welts up and town his body from their daily "towel fights". A fight where he was always outmatched ten to one, by older boys, with longer reach.

It was for this reason that Percy had spent the last two months researching and secretly applying the knowledge of countless books on lightning.

As got out of the common bath, he realized the fatal flaw in his plan. One of the older boys had taken his towel. As the ten boys surrounded him, the jeering already beginning, he could see it. Dread filled him as he watched it being spun into that all too familiar make-shift whip.

None of the other boys realized that his cries of pain, his pleas for mercy, were not simply his normal reaction to their daily tradition. Even after his heart had given out, the healer called, had anybody realized that his towel was in some way unusual.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The dueling towel is just a regular bath towel most of the time. It's latent power activates only when it becomes damp or wet.

If it is rolled up and whipped out at something, it will release a powerful jolt of electricity.

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