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January 16, 2007, 5:19 pm

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This sword has had many names. Dreamdweller is just one of them. It has also been called “The Moon’s reflection”, “Soul’s guide” and many others… The sword dwells it’s power from the character, from his essence, his dreams and thoughts…

The sword is the size of a normal longsword. The handle and the blade are all covered with runes and markings. On the tip of the sword, there is a moon, which “shines” down to the other symbols, which mostly are animals of some sort. The handle doesn’t have so much markings on it. It has a wolf on both sides of the handle, not much else.

The sword was created by two mages for a fighter, named Rhian. Rhian was known by his exceptional willpower, which had helped him through problems many. Rhian had quickly become famous with his swordsmanship and willpower, that helped him to go always on and never give up from his path. The mages acknowledged Rhian and they asked Rhian to perform services for these mages. Rhian made an oath to protect these two mages, and the mages then created this sword for their protector, their guardian.  This sword gained it’s power from Rhian’s own mind, from his exceptional willpower and it quiclky became famous through the Realms. Rhian succesfully protected the mages until the end of his days. When Rhian died, the mages buried him with his sword, the legendary Dreamdweller, to be his guide and guardian in the other world, like Rhian himself had been the guardian for the mages.

Magical Properties:

When someone takes the sword, it immediately creates a strong bond between itself and the wielder that lasts until the wielder is dead, then someone else may create a new bond with it. The wielder may now sense the sword, when he is close enough, though he may not point the place accurately. A convenient distance would be about 5 miles.

When the wielder picks the sword up for the first time, he then goes into a trance of some sort. This is actually the sword’s creation, it is calling his new master so that he could dwell in the wielder’s thoughts and find out the powers of the new wielder. add up the characters intelligence and wisdom and then halve the number. If the number is now…

17 He may link four attributes to the sword’s will.

You should not tell the effects of the attributes on the sword to the player when he makes these choices. You should only tell him to pick his strong areas, so that it would be more realistic and would go better with the history of the sword. If the player does not want to pick up, then you can always roll dice for the attributes and ignore the fact that it could cross with the history.

When the number (his “willpower”) is now calculated he may pick up the attributes, he wishes to link with the sword in his trance. When he has picked up these attributes the vision fades away, but the character can feel now that the sword belongs to him and is linked to his mind.

The attributes have the following effects:
Strength: The sword gains a bonus +1 to his damage, which will increase by +1 with every level the wielder gains to the absolute maximum of +6 extra damge.
Dexterity: The sword’s speed factor will decrease (so it will speed up, if I have understood the rules of D&D correctly) by 1 with every two levels the wielder gains, to the minimum of 4.
Constitution: The wielder’s Hit point will increase by 1d4 for every level he goes up, until he has reached the point where he has gained up to 20 bonus hit points.
Intelligence: If the wieler’s intelligence is over 14 he gains a chance, that in fight when he succesfully hits, he has a 5% chance to dispel one spell from the opponent, the chance increaces by 2% with every level, to the point where it is 20%. If the wielder’s intelligence is less than 14 then the chance is 3% and increases by 1% per level to the maximum of 15%.
Wisdom: The wielder may try to identify if a weapon has any magical properties three times per day. This is not an actual spell and he may use this in the midst of a battle. The chance is 50% and will not grow.
Charisma: The wielder may try once per day to use a contested charisma roll to his opponent to speak himself out of somesort of trouble, before there’s going to be a fight. It only works when the situation might lead into a fight, though.

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Comments ( 8 )
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November 30, 2003, 2:56
I like this item. A strong background to make it real for the players, they could even hear bards telling tales of Rhian on late nights at an inn. I really like the well thought out and not over powerful effect for the sword. Definatly useful and helpful without being so powerful the player can never need to adventure with this character again. Excellent work.

Only a couple knit-picky things to say about this. Firstly, this isn't a game system specific site, even though many of us are familiar with D&D. I would really enjoy this item more if you could give a general kind of effect, then explain it in the system the item was designed for, so like "The sword is faster and more agile, responding to the wielder's actions faster than an ordinary sword - The sword's speed factor will decrease by one with every two levels the wielder gains to the minimum of 4."

The even smaller knit picky thing is: I assume the bonding doesn't work through a scabbard, otherwise, how coudl the mages have buried it with Rhian?
November 30, 2003, 3:19
I give this two thumbs and one tail up. It is everything I hope for in a post 1)An interesting effect, 2) backhistory, 3)intergation into the game world, and 4) well written. Thank you for gifting us with this item.

Question: Are you a Mercedes Lackey fan or Ars Magica player? This item has echo with both worlds.
November 30, 2003, 12:19
Yeah, well I quess then that I should concentrate more on the general describing. Thanks for the tip. This item is propably the best I have ever thought of and I'm pretty proud of it.

And for the bonding part: The mages created it, but it is possible that they didn't think every possibility through. The sword could have a mind of it's own, and it could break the bond after the wielder is dead. The mages may have not known this and buried the sword with it.

And for MoonHunter: I have never played those. I have heard of Ars magica, but they are unfamiliar to me.
Barbarian Horde
January 18, 2005, 19:00
A good sturdy sword powerful, yet not overly powerful. I think I'll use this sword(with the addition of a demon sword that I'll create myself!) Great job Taxus!!

Dragoon God
Barbarian Horde
March 24, 2006, 8:56
I had though up a similar item with the idea of using willpower to power it. However this weapon had several different features. Good job. I'd give you a 5 but I cant vote or comment on my account for some reason.
this is Necromancer
Voted Scrasamax
March 29, 2006, 14:05
The idea is solid, and the story of Rhian is not bad, though his name is repeated too many times. I like the basic premise of the idea, though the powers are too game specific. They won't work very well in a setting that doesnt use weapon speed or other factors.
Voted Strolen
April 28, 2008, 21:31
Decent weapon with a plausible background. Not super original but definitely useable.
Voted valadaar
May 7, 2013, 8:33
A good sword as user-bonded swords go. I like that it customized itself to suite the wielder.

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