Tymas, the well built swordsman from Northern Yasten, took another sip of his ale. The small tavern had quickly filled up since he had came in and most conversation continued to revolve around the escalating attacks around the city. Tymas took another sip of his ale. It was almost time to find another trade caravan to hire himself onto. Barbarian invaders may not be good for trade, but they sure were good for mercenaries. Tomorrow he would start looking for somebody that was hiring, tonight he would enjoy his last night in town.

Just as he finished his drink a large commotion from the door gathered the entire taverns attention. Armed city guards came into the tavern quickly, and efficiently blocked all the exits. Following the head sergeants direction, all the people in the tavern were lined up against the wall facing the center. One tried to resist and was quickly taken down by the guards and left on the floor unconscience. Nobody else resisted.

The sergeant goes around the room pointing at all the men in the room that are of fighting age. He announces to the chosen that they have just been inducted into the city guard and are hereby ordered to serve their city. They are then ushered outside where they see other people being escorted out of other places of business.

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