Long ago, on a far-off world that encircled a shining blue star, there lived a race of godlings called the Dorlyans, a mighty and handsome race who were known throughout the stars as the mightiest warriors the Great Gods had ever conceived. They lived as the unnoposed rulers of their world, and were led by the mighty High Warrior Gackt the Bright. Each and everyone of these warrior godlings was armed with their own ancestral weapon, crafted from a shining, iridescent crystal that came in every hue of the rainbow known to mankind, and some not known to our world. With their crystal arms and their mighty powers of war, the Dorlyans defeated any threat to their peace that came their way. But the Dorlyan Peace would not last, for soon, a dread star-thing came winging across the voids: Zal-Ghombvis. It crashed upon the Dorlyan homeworld and began a rampage of terror that brought the Dorlyans down upon it in force. But after a mighty, bloody battle, the Dorlyans were slain to the last fighter, even the mighty Gackt. Zal-Ghombvis stood unnoposed and leapt into space, soaring towards our world. But it was not aware that by divine intervention, a small amount of the unique mineral known as Dorlyan Crystal, from which they had forged their weapons, had been transplanted from the Dorlyan homeworld onto our world, along with another strange star-thing, albeit one of the gods of light, to protect it until the time came to destroy the threat of Zal-Ghombvis.

Magical Properties:

Dorlyan Crystal weapons, when applied against extraplanar, extradimensional, or extraterrestrial beings, recieves a bonus to damage and accuracy. In addition, this material now contains the righteous anger of the Dorlyans, and so, when applied to Zal-Ghombvis and creatures of it’s like, receives yet another large bonus to damage and accuracy. When it is applied to creatures of this world-plane, such as a goblin or ork, the Dorlyan Crystal functions like normal steel in most fashions, except for it’s brightly-colored, iridescent, crystalline appearance.

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