Full Item Description

A door of entrance can vary in size, shape, and material, some have even been known to be made from simple woods of the regions. Some are highly detailed with gothic scenes carved into them or bejeweled and set with gold detail, while others are simple flat surfaces without notice if not for the properties of the item. Depending on the type of Door and which way it opens there are also many ways to close and lock a Door, such as latches, bars, lock and key, and simple spells to prevent a Door from being used


No one is quite sure to where the first Door can be attributed to, possibly the East, but its creation marked a new era in the development of architecture and advancement of mankind. The practice spread quickly in some areas and the secret of their construction was passed to craftsmen around the world. Another strange and interesting fact is that some people of the Southern Kingdoms actually fought against the construction of Doors of Entrance, which lead to the death of one craftsmen by the hands of an angry mob.
Some have been known to use a Door for protection, to hide objects of value, or even as an offensive weapon as noted in the following passage of Conard, the Travarian

...Conard could hear the footsteps of the city guard searching for him, not knowing he was behind the Door waiting. As his would be jailers came marching through the street, the door burst from its' hinges. Conard was behind it, gripping the handle as he plowed into the steady line of soldiers.

Many buildings are built for specific doors, leaving them almost to the end before installing them, while other constructs have begun with a single Door, chosen first then built around. Many places of prominence have been known to include more than one Door of Entrance, but this proves confusing to those not familiar with the properties of a Door of Entrance. These are not to be mistaken with Doors of Escape, Exit, Egress, or Departure, and legal implications have resulted by those trying to use 2nd floor windows in the belief they are Doors of Entrance.

Magic/Cursed Properties

A Door is something not to be used by the layman, it is a very powerful tool to bypass solid matter. When a Door set into a wall is opened it will lead through the door to what lies on the other side of the wall, be it a large room or a small closet, thus two points in space are connected with the door, sometimes called a Door Way. This Way has been noted as being bi-directional, those who are on one side of a Door can move through it to the opposite space and move freely back unless the Door being used has been shut. If the door is broken or destroyed then the 'Door Way' ceases to exist, leaving a gaping hole. This can be fixed with the replacement of a true Door of Entrance in place of the first.

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