Fleshing out your character with even a basic background and personality will make for a much more rounded and realistic persona.

We as individuals are the sum of all our parts, so if you dont know what your characters' parts are how can you be consistent. Much of what I have discussed should be noted down for your character so that it will not be forgotten. The most important list is probably your moral code. If you have no moral code you can do whatever you want, but it makes you no better than the beasts of the forest. Dont forget that morals, ambitions and personality can and should change throughout your character's life.

Always remember that the most important aspect to roleplaying is enjoyment. If youre not going to enjoy playing a certain type of character, then dont do it. Youll just make life miserable for all involved.

This codex is still under construction, if you wish to add to it, go ahead. You are more than welcome to do so. For a clean looking codex start the submission title with: PC's- and follow up with the topic.

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