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March 29, 2010, 3:19 pm

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Dark Tides


A mad necromancer is bent on enslaving the world.

A forest stands north of the town of Gaelin and, to it’s west, lies the serpent spine mts. Much of the rest of the area is open terrain with sporadic growths of trees.
The characters, moving north, are on their way to the town of Gaelin for the Mid-Summer’s Night Festival. On the way there, they happen upon a caravan of jesters, acrobats and animals that have been ambushed and slaughtered. It’s as if they have been eaten by wild animals. A raven is perched upon one of the wagons.
A family passes them on the road to Gaelin. If the characters speak to them, they wil warn them to go back where they came, because up ahead laid death, disease and, they also hear there are evil rituals being conducted with a form of worship using necrophilia.
The town is a veritable ghost town. Many of the able-bodied have left, leaving the old and weak to tend to the crops and fend for themselves. A soup kitchen is run twice a day to feed it’s inhabitants. Also, there is one inn still open, though the caretaker is debating a move to anothers region. There are a few ravens within the town.
All of the graves have been dup-up and their bodies have been removed. Because of this, when anyone dies, their body is immediately burned. The disease turns out to be pneumonia.
A search in the daylight of the surrounding area will produce no signs of life, outside the normal vegetation and insects.
During the second day, smoke, from an immense fire, billows from the north west area. The characters learn that is where the towns of Farrakas is located.
On the third day an army of skeletons and zombies head to the town of Gaelin for their annihilation.
This is a small lumber town. Everyone has been slaughtered and, ones again, no valuables were taken. A small band of undead are stationed there hiding within the corpses, they ambush the characters. A few ravens are within the town.
——serpent spine mts.——
Patrols of undead minions are traveling within these. They are moving through the mountains clearing the small towns and forests of life and are dragging their corpses back to their master.
——-the stronghold——-
This is built inside the side of a mountain, with a tower reaching up to it’s highest peak to patrol the area. A necromancer lives here and has designs to kill and enslave the world.
1. patrol- skeletons, zombies
2. raiders- ghouls
3. stronghold- ghouls, wraiths, ju ju zombies
4. undead mountain lion
5. ravens- these are magical and the necromancer is able to see what they see.

Black Swamp river

All the trees within stand like spindley tooth picks from their murky soil. Burnt from an ancient blaze, yet thriving amidst a comatose state of being. Leaves are absent from their limbs, as if it's founding soil dares not breed life back into their large powerful limbs; leaving a forboding message to those who stand at it's precipice: no life shall be sustained. (?)

Beams of sunshine glistens through the failing shade of naked branches, illuminating oily tints streaming through the mucky water, giving hints of corruption

Syrup Pass

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Comments ( 4 )
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March 6, 2003, 8:33
Interesting starter adventure. Only question that doesn't sit too well is the necromancer living in the tower. A slight cliche and begs the question where is the local king or steward. The tower, if it is in such a good position, would probably be used by the current king, and if entire towns are destroyed and the undead are roaming, chances are there would be some kind of action taken by those in power.

To alleviate these problems, the area should be fairly isolated. Should also probably go on to describe a growing unease the players feel as the get closer, and if the players decide to turn around and leave at some point, they find themselves attacked by undead with orders to let people in and not let them out. The necromancer should also have perhaps some guard lackeys that can pass messages to the king saying all is well in that countryside so that no action is taken.

The players could escape the entrapment through their special skills, but most common folk could be caught in the net. If the players contact the king they could be laughed at out of the court...after all, the king has a trusted man in the location and gets solid reports.
March 6, 2003, 12:50
I figured to leave the development of the necromancer up to the DM using it. I do, however, envision him/her to be the lord of the land, and maybe even closely related to the reigning king of a greater empire. This, as you say, would provide him cover by sending messages of all is well.

I also hinted to the fact that the necromancer is part of a religious sect that worships death and the god there of. The army could be hand selected with the uncompliant being slain and used as an undead warrior. This would create unity within the ranks of his stationed army, by fear and submittance. Of course, only the most trusted would send messages to the outside world.

March 7, 2003, 3:08
The tower could be a new development in the isolated area, the necromancer having it built by undead workers, perhaps from a mine in the mountains.

The Necromancer might also have agents in whatever passes for local authority. He could be extorting thier cooperation after turning a few of the less important family members into undead and leaving them to watch over thier families affairs.

If the necromancer is related to the ruler, one wonderful twist could be to make him enslaved or enchanted by some other power or figure, then, when he is defeated, the players get clues he was merely a servant or puppet of a greater power. Great for recurring villians
Voted valadaar
May 9, 2013, 10:01
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