Stolen away at birth from their mortal parents, by a mad necromancer seeking godhood for himself, these two young demigods have attracted a following in the hundreds only a few weeks after slaying the necromancer that raised them. Damascus: Son of the Dragon Mother, Swordsman without equal, and known for his habit of disemboweling people at random. Xak: Son of The Reaper, Master of the Necrotic Arts, and the line between life and death known for raising undead abominations and charming anyone who meets his gaze.

These two godlings have used their powers to take over an entire kingdom, accquire the worship of an elven nation by saving them from an invading orcish horde, and they even fund a insane wizard's quest for magical artifacts.

Damascus is primarily worshipped by the kingdom that has been taken over and at it's castle he trains all young men to become elite fighting machines wielding the type of sword he crafted in his own name: the Damascus. Damascus's worshipers are known to be terrible womanizers and for their incredible bloodlust.

Xak the Fiendish is primarily worshipped by the Elves that were saved from the Orcish invasion. Whenever an Elf dies (or any other follower of the Red Pantheon) Xak brings them back as an undead servant/warrior to help in the quest for world domintation.

The worshippers of the Red Pantheon range from Necromancers seeking immortality to cunning warriors seeking to overthrow Damascus as master swordsman of the lands ruled by the Red Pantheon. Even as you read this the Red Armies are preparing to sail across the eastern ocean in boats stolen from Black Molly the Sea Hag and her Orge Crew.

I fear for the safety of whatever lies beyond that eastern seas because the unholy armada of the Red Pantheon is on it's way the top, not even the gods themselves can stop this duo. They have tried... but their titan messanger was slain when Xak possessed Damascus's sword and enhanced it's powers ten-fold. Even I do not know that these terrible being are truly capable of and fear these will be the worst times your world has ever seen...

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