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When the Crimson Hand is delivered, it consists of nothing more than a simple appearing canteen or alcohol flask, filled with a thin, gray liquid, with an attached pouch of pills.

It was late in the year when a man came to the shop of Kir Ironspirit, and made a request. He required a tool of revenge, one which would allow him to slip past the defenses of a planetary president, one which could grant rest to a daughter cruelly used and disposed of. Long did the artificer pause, as he considered this. And he asked, 'What will you give for this tool?' 'An arm. A leg. I'd say my life, but that will go to waste in the usage.'

As he listened, a thought, even a dream came to Kir. 'Then, it can be done. Return in four days, and we'll discuss the cost then.' Adjusting the medical nanites proved an easy task, though synthesizing the second step was slightly more difficult.

The man, of course, did not much like what he received, but he could not complain its efficiency, least of all when the crimson talons of his hand tore through the man he hated so like a warm knife through butter. Revenge was his, he thought, even as he watched the blood rush from the numb and mangled appendages that were once human hands...

Usage of the Crimson Hand is a two step process. First, the gray liquid is imbibed. A sip is sufficient for the alterations to begin. The nanites make a careful alteration of the bones, muscles, and blood vessels of the hands, preparing them for the second step.

Second, the pill is taken. Almost precisely one hour after it is swallowed, the hands tear themselves apart, and the blood polymerizes around the flung out bone, forming crude, but extremely effective talons from the human hand. These talons will last scant minutes before the reaction ceases, and the blood reverts to liquid once more, flowing freely from the torn-apart hands.

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