Heihachi Mishima (Nippon/PRC)

Heihachi Mishima was at one point nothing more than a turk. He worked as an enforcer, then the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu's Security department. He was a strong and vicious leader within the security department, and his ruthless fighting style and leading from the front style made him a popular leader. Heihachi eventually lead a successful coup against his father to take over the Zaibatsu. He would steer the company into military contracting, working with paranormal technology, and experimenting with the bleeding edge of arcanotech.

Heihachi is well aware of what has happened to his son, Kazuya, and he is working his way to discovering the technology to perfect the technique to fuse his own soul to a Hundun spirit and become an immortal. His work is lacking a vital component, as Heihachi is a systematic methodical man and considers mysticism and the occult to be ridiculous and has long since discarded anything associated with it. Should he discover the truth behind arcanotech, embrace occult studies, it would be very easy for him to complete his studies, and become a Desolate One, a true immortal, and sit at the helm of an already powerful company with large amounts of wealth, influence and many loyal minions.

Marshall Law (Republic of California/PRC)

Marshall Law is a somewhat wealthy local businessman in Old Los Angeles. He learned an Amero version of Jeet Kun Do living on the streets, and he did odd jobs and was hired muscle before making it into the fighting circuit as the wiry kid from the gutter. He became successful, winning enough to get endorsements. After holding the AmeroCircuit Championship for an unprecedented 3 years in a row. After retiring from fighting, Law invested what was left of his winnings into opening a McDojo franchise, and a fast food franchise. The Law McDojos are well known and well represented in the AmeroCircuit, with top scoring students frequently going on to place well and have reliably winning circuits. The flagship dojo in the Los Angeles Arcoplex has hundreds of students, and a fairly low winning record while the original dojo in Old Los Angeles only has a dozen students at the most and the highest number of world class graduates.

Marshall Law is a strong and competent fighter, but his fighting career is years in his past. He is now a businessman running his own franchise empire. Most successful ventures like Law's are typically targeted and consumed by the MegaCorps, and the only reason Law has remained independent is that his business is based largely on his credentials and cult of personality as a coming up from the bottom fighter who made himself wealthy. His business is based on large dojos doing vanilla training to finance and fund the dojos in the slums that are recruiting and training the real fighters. Law has connections through the underworld, and many of his best students have done underground fighting, in the streets and the pits, before entering a clean sports fighting venue. His son carries on as the head of the dojo while he lives the life of a wealthy mogul and businessman.

Michelle Chang (Independent/PRC)

Michelle Chang is a member of the White Mountain Apache Indian Tribe, born to an Indian mother and an Asian father, she was born in New Vegas, but raised at White Mountain. Far from the gleaming lights and mile tall towers, Michelle learned to keep the old ways, to sing the spirits and dance the sacred dances by the light of bonfires. What would have been a largely uneventful primitive existence was brought to an end when Chang ended up being the target of a shadowrun kidnapping op. Her father was a wealthy powerful man in Hong Kong, which had inadvertently made Michelle a target. She has since fled the Reservation, as the tribe lacks the ability to repel shadowrunners and paramilitary specialists, and she refuses to see their sacred land defiled by the boots of the unclean trodging in as hired guards. She has since gone underground, traveling, learning martial arts and further honing her spiritual powers.

Michelle Chang is a mystic, an occult scholar with erupted parapsychic powers, which she uses through ritual dance, chant, and other performances which to the untrained uneducated observer looks like magic. She is a low level martial artist, with a good network of connections across the Amero Southwest, ranging from street gangs in Old Los Angeles, brothels and megacasinos in New Vegas, to having some associates in the terrorist organization Amerikka Command. She does odd jobs and low to mid tier shadowrunning, and what money she doesn't use to support her spartan lifestyle she sends back to White Mountain to help finish repairing the damage done by the men who came to kidnap her once, and after that is paid off, the tribe will have more to build new things.

Paul Phoenix (Rogue/AtFed)

A competent and powerful stand up fighter, Paul Phoenix is the epitome of the wandering American badass. Phoenix failed to make it into the big league martial arts and fighting tournaments due to his temper and reckless fighting style, plus he has a habit of making enemies, and turning potential allies into bitter rivals. He does lower level tournaments and circuit fights, works as a bodyguard, and when times are tight, can and has done shadowrunning as hired muscle.

Paul Phoenix is a strong physical adept, with a motorcycle and a bad attitude. This has gotten him in some trouble as he has a major rival in Ken Masters, as Ken defeated him in his last major tournament fight and Paul responded by throwing a block of lockers at him after the fight. Likewise he has some unsavory connections such as friends among the Sons of Scorpions gang, contacts in the street fighting circles of Kano's Black Dragon Society, and the Foot Clan of New Nuyork.

Yoshimitsu (Nippon/PRC)

Yoshimitsu is the current leader of the Manji Clan, a small group of elite Cyber-Samurai. These cyborg warriors have a warrior's code, and while technically mercenaries, the Manji work for the good of the Emperor, and the people of Nippon. This regularly puts them at odds with the Tekunin and Lin Kuei ninja clans. Yoshimitsu himself was a street samurai runner who joined the Manji after growing weary of dirty work and dirty contracts.

Yoshimitsu is versed in power armor hand to hand combat, and the use of a hyperedge blade. A good portion of his body is now machine, and he has not forgotten the ninja who left him missing and arm and half of his face. While he still leads the Manji with strength and honor, he still holds a vendetta against the Tekunin cyberninja Cyrax, and has sworn to kill the cyborg.

Nina Williams (Ireland/AtFed)

The Williams series clone is a very effective weapons system. It looks like a charming young woman, with an inviting figure, a pretty face, and a vivacious attitude that hints at exceptional sexual prowess. Underneath this facade is a soldier, skilled in aikido, improvised weapons, assassination techniques, and a selection of mission specific skills.

Nina Williams broke her programming from the Federation Special Operations Service after a failed mission left her in the hands of the secretive Aensland Family, in Scotland. The family, having a long occult history found the assassin amusing, and after the mistress of Castle Aensland had bored of Nina's captivity, she awoke Nina's dormant human soul, stripped her of her government programming and sent the clone assassin back into the world with the mission to 'do good' and not bother nice people who keep to themselves. Nina barely remembers anything of this time, and continues to do freelancing work as a shadowrunner and bodyguard for hire. Quite to the surprise of AtFed cloners, Nina should be dead, as she is well past her planned 5 year lifespan.

Anna Williams (Ireland/AtFed)

The Williams series clone is a very effective weapons system. It looks like a charming young woman, with an inviting figure, a pretty face, and a vivacious attitude that hints at exceptional sexual prowess. Underneath this facade is a soldier, skilled in aikido, improvised weapons, assassination techniques, and a selection of mission specific skills.

Anna was programmed to hunt down and destroy the rogue agent Nina Williams, after that assassin clone failed a major mission and then later reappeared as a free agent. Anna is focused on her mission and has the mental construct of Nina as the favored older sibling and that she must destroy Nina because of imagined slights against her.

King (Mexico/AtFed)

King was a street urchin, raised in the shadows of Mexico city, living in the heaps and dumps that still exist around the city. He erupted into a powerful parapsychic physical adept. He is incredibly strong, and has survived events that should have easily killed him, such as being hit by an armored vehicle, falling from an arco strut, and even being stepped on by a mech once (though he will contest that it was only a little one, so shouldn't count). He eventually ended up an enforcer in a gang until he crossed Armor King, who defeated him in combat, and forced him to become his student. King agreed, and followed Armor King, learning martial arts, how to harness his abilities, and how to care for the poor and protect them as best he could. He continues to do this, especially as Armor King is getting old.

King is an powerful physical adept with a specialty in durability, he takes damage on a vehicle scale, rather than a human scale, and is incredibly strong, though not very fast. He uses a mixture of luchador style wrestling, improvised street fighting, and exploiting his natural durability.

Armor King (USSA/rogue)

Suspected of being a political dissident or a self exiled South American supersoldier, Armor King has made a name for himself for his flamboyant style of wrestling, wearing a Jaguar Warrior Mask, and for being a patron of the poor. Armor King is a large and powerful man who has the disposition of a power armor trooper trained for hand to hand and close quarters assault. His fighting style is a mixture of Luchador wrestling theatrics mixed with Brazilian Army Fighting Style.

Armor King is indeed an exiled supersoldier, though this is from his own guilt rather than the actions of the government. The criminal organization Shadowlaw set up some operations in Brazil, and Armor King worked as an assistant, helping with logistics, and even security for the operation. The operation was later broken up by a coalition of special forces, both from within the USSA, and by international forces, Armor King was shocked and horrified by the atrocities that ShadowLaw had committed, including massive drug addiction campaigns, forced recruiting from the favelas and violence and oppression against his fellow Brazilians. Armor King covertly helped weed out the remaining ShadowLaw forces and then fled the country as he was well known and infamous for being a collaborator. He runs an outreach program and wrestling school in Mexico City, where he works to fight gang activities, drug cartels, and does exhibition matches to provide funding for various aid groups.

Ganryu (Nippon/PRC)

Ganryu is an established professional sumo wrestler, and runs a sumo dojo in Hawaii. He has been discredited in the professional wrestling world due to his general dishonorable behavior and non-traditional wrestling style. He is willing to taunt opponents, engages in showmanship inside of the ring, and has a history of gambling. Ganryu also happens to be one of the biggest fixers in Hawaii, with connections spanning the Pacific Ocean, from New Vegas to Nippon, to Indonesia, and many of the islands in between. As such, he is very well connected with the criminal underworld, as well as being on speaking terms with various law enforcement, corporate, and private agencies. He is still a powerful fighter, but hasn't officially fought in a match since facing Yokozuna Edmond Honda, which ended with both his humiliating defeat, and losing several major bets.

Ganryu is the epitome of the mafia boss, with backroom deals, goons on the payroll, and a taste for the finer things in life. He is accompanied by sybarite droids, pleasure clones, and an entourage of aspiring wrestlers, and up and coming Polynesian shadowrunners. He is also a powerful sumo wrestler, with above average skill and strength, but his defeat by E. Honda has humbled him, and also forced him to work more on the underground side to cover his lost bets, while maintaining his lavish lifestyle and gambling habits. He favors floral Hawaiian print shirts, keeps a private estate, and has in addition to his entourage several professionals on retainer, including a former special forces operative as a head of household, and a private investigator for ensuring that his business associates are legit, even if they are illegal.

Kazuya Mishima (Nippon/PRC)

Kazuya was a frail child, failing to respond the basic genetic therapies. He suffered from several very rare genetic disorders, and some of them were suspected as having come from the extensive modification he underwent in utero. Belittled by his wealthy and powerful father Kazuya was driven to succeed and destroy his father be any means necessary. Kazuya became involved in occult studies and discovered a copy of the Emigre Manuscript, and used it to summon a spirit of power. The ritual was a success, and the weakling was transformed into a paragon of fighting muscle and power. Knowing that muscle was only half the struggle, he traveled to a legendary dojo where he sought instruction from Gouken, one of the modern masters of the Satsui no Hado style of parapsychic martial arts. Through strong discipline focused by dark emotion, Kazuya retained his mind and will, despite having turned himself into a Youma/wight.

Kazuya is a doomed man, his time is running out. He lacks the mental preparation and arcane knowledge to contain the larvae soul within him, and eventually he will succumb to the divine alien force within him. At that point, a new hybrid monster will be born, but until then, Kazuya is a powerful warrior, with exceptional parapsychic ability, and the ability to survive hideous amounts of damage and injury. Had the young man waited a decade or longer, for better philosophical and paranormal study, he might have had the ability to become a Desolate One, much like Shang Lao.

Devil (rogue)

Devil is known in a few circles in the occult world and in the underground martial arts and street fighting world. He appears as an unassuming figure, a low level appearing fighter with a minimalist style, the sort figured for a first round KO. He fights well until he is seemingly defeated by a highly aggressive fighter. After this, he undergoes a radical transformation and rises as a seemingly demonic figure. While this often causes panic, Devil makes it known that it is only there to fight in the tournament. The creature fights with a ferocious style, but does so in a lawful, non-lethal fashion. While possessing fearsome natural weaponry in claws, ripping teeth and obviously parapsychic abilities, it doesn't kill in the ring. It enjoys the sport. While Devil's record is impressive, it has been beaten by powerful, canny, focused fighters. Defeating Devil doesn't end with said fighter being murdered later, or ending up mysteriously dead, rather a dark sort of good luck follows them.

Devil is the alternate form of Kazuya Mishima, and he has no knowledge of this transformation, other than long periods of missing time, and long personal absences from his studies and place of employment. Those fighters resolute enough to defeat Devil in honorable combat all seem to come to the attention of Kazuya, and most benefit from his industrial and economic ties to the Mishima Zaibatsu. Eventually, as Kazuya's state becomes more and more unstable, he will be Devil longer and longer until there is nothing left of the human, and he will be a full fledged demonic youma.

Kuma (Nippon/PRC)

Several decades ago, a group of brown bears were reintroduced to northern Nippon as part of a creche based animal repopulation effort. Unknown to the administrators, the bears were genetically modified to have greater than normal intelligence, including tool using and problem solving 'engrams' programmed into their code. It was later discovered when the bears were discovered communicating in pidgin Japanese, and using tools and weapons. Kuma was abducted from this group by an industrial billionaire who wanted to see if the animal could be trained as a powerful bodyguard, as no one else would have a kung fu fighting sentient bear. Kuma is an animal torn between the naturalistic urges of being an animal and the hedonistic urges of living in luxury in the human world.

Kuma is not very skilled in martial arts, and only knows basic and rudimentary moves, which when added to his massive size and power, makes him a very powerful fighter. Kuma seeks to emulate his master, and wants to be seen as powerful by humans in the same way he is respected and seen as powerful by humans, but he is often undermined by his berserker rage.

Kunimitsu (Nippon/Rogue)

Formerly associated with the Manji shinobi clan, Kunimitsu was an aspiring kuinoichi, or female shinobi. While her physical abilities were excellent, he character was lacking. A brutally fast fighter, and a natural with throwing stars and knives, her skill was more than blacked out by her inability to control herself and her compulsive theft. A few claimed that the young fiery headed Amero-Nipponese woman was protected by the Fox Spirit, Kitsune, most of the others considered her a very competent but unforgivably petty thief. After clashing with the Manji elders several times, she was cast out of the clan.

Kunimitsu is a physical adept, with a specialization and focus in somantic acceleration, she uses her parapsychic ability to move with great speed and agility, performing acrobatic and aerial maneuvers that most shinobi can only dream of. She is also a gifted 'ghost hand' or telekinetic pick pocket. The young and talented kuinoichi has in the recent past run afoul of both the Lin Kuei ninja clan, the Foot clan, and just about every ninja and shinobi clan she has dealt with. She has since found a safe place and a leader who appreciates her skills, it's just a shame that boss is the criminal low-life Kano, of the Black Dragon Society.

Lee Chaolan (Nippon/PRC)

Lee was designed from inception to be beautiful, with dashing good looks, metallic silver hair, and soft violet eyes. To his enemies he was supposed to be a silver dragon, and to his allies and the women he would take as lovers, he was to be a virtual god. Lee was an Alpha level genetically modified child, and no expense was spared in his creation by his father, the CEO of a powerful megacorp. Lee spent a large portion of his childhood training to become the next CEO of the megacorp, but eventually passed this opportunity on to another less modified but more inspired sibling to take care of. Lee went on to serve as the head of the Security detachment, taking far more pleasure in dealing out violence and indulging in street vice and violence than the idle luxury of the ultra-wealthy.

Lee is a serious high end alpha human, with reflexes and physican abilities that are above human normal. He is stronger, faster, and better than the average human, and this mixed with his multiple martial arts styles, swordplay, and erupted parapsychic abilities makes him a far above average threat. While seemingly working for a major megacorp, Lee has his own designs, and has marketed a clothing line, and a covert media personality known only as Violet. Violet appears in fights and tournaments and deals out the pain, often with a level of brutality that clashes with the symbolism of the unicorn he wears on his jacket and the soft color of his outfit.

Jack-2 (Export/PRC)

The Jack series of combat robots has been a shaky one at best. While the Jacks are substantial and capable machines, they have several major flaws, they are expensive to produce and maintain, they have no integral weaponry, they are manufactured in Nippon for export to Russia, and a few of them have become inconveniently sentient. A small number of produced annually, and sold around the world. Despite the fact that the Russians do not use any Jacks, the machine's aesthetic design has it firmly fixed in the world psyche that the machine is Russian sourced, and many nations friendly to Russia and the Eurasian Alliance have a number of these machines in service.

Jack-2 is a sentient member of his model, and technically is a Seibertronian. Jack-2 has as a primary motivation protecting the weak, with a fondness especially for protecting children and women. The hulking fighting machine has upgraded its systems, and has increased it's armor protection, and has likewise enhanced its hand to hand fighting ability. While generally outclassed by parapsychic martial artists, it is typically tough enough to survive long enough into a fight to deliver a crippling hit or lethal blow. Jack-2 is part of an underground resistance group operating out of north China, where he helps keep people safe from both the Chinese military and from the mutants and horrors common towards Mongolia.

Wang Jinrei (China/ACPS)

Jinrei is an old man, and a recluse from the shining world of the Cosmic Era, instead he lives the aesthetic life of a monk, spending many days in prayer and meditation, and just as many nights drinking plum wine. While he may be an old man, and a monk, and a recluse, he isn't cut off from the modern world, he just doesn't participate in it. Jinrei is a spiritual adviser, and martial arts master who regularly trains the children of the wealthy megacorp owners and important members of the political parties. He instills values of strength, discipline, and rather than abstinence from corrupting influences like alcohol, how to use them in moderation, and how to control them. Jinrei is a very skilled warrior, and equally skilled at teaching young upstarts a thing or two about fighting.

Jinrei is a normal human being with no augmentations or parapsychic ability. He is very good at martial arts, as he has spent his entire life learning them. His connections to the wealthy and powerful can be traced back to his training of a young Zaibatsu mogul who went on to recommend the old man as a teacher for his children, as well as the children of others he was friendly with. The youths trained by Jinrei become disciplined and accomplished leaders in their industries, and successful in their lives. As such, Jinrei has many friends and allies in unexpected places, often knowing some very high level people by very personal names.

Prototype Jack (unknown/rogue)

The Nipponese Jack robots proved to be a failure on the Russian market, but a large number of the machines were built anyway and ended up being sold to other parties, many of which featured prominently in the periphery of the Middle East wastelands. These Jacks would end up being heavily modified, the most obvious changes were upgrades to the chassis, resulting in what is often called the Tiny-Head Jack, noted for it's head appearing half the size it should be for such a large body. Likewise the arm systems are much larger, ostensibly for carrying larger and heavier weaponry. These machines tend to be in poor repair and are frequently missing parts, or have been repaired or cobbled together with substandard equipment.

Prototype Jack is a low end seibertronian, with a primitive mode of thinking that has drawn it towards the Nodite philosophy. As a member of the Brotherhood, P-Jack is afforded a number of concessions and preferential treatments, as it is technically a piece of arcanotech and therefor sacred. Arrogant, insecure, violent, and quick to anger, P-Jack travels with a small retinue of Nodites looking for matches and tournaments around the wasteland border for it to fight in, and prove it's might and dominance over humans and their pathetic fleshiness. P-Jack assembles what it wants to say out of voice recordings and voice overs it finds via CogNet access, as the scientist who rebuilt P-Jack removed his voice box after P-Jack proved incapable of shutting up for more than 5 seconds at a time.

Jun Kazama (Nippon/PRC)

Jun Kazama is the estranged wife of Heihachi Mishima and the mother of Kazuya Mishima. She is a minimal ability martial artist, and more of a stay at home, quiet voice behind the king. Almost nothing is known of her.

Jun Kazama is much older than she appears, as she is a fairly strong, but very low profile Desolate One. She has been guiding the Mishima family going into 4th generation, with Kazuya's hidden son. By manipulating her way through the corporation, she has provided herself a very strong base of operations, and a very deeply buried identity. Her main interests have been in checking the power and influence of other desolate ones like Shang Lao, hidden societies like the White Lotus Society, and the Lin Kuei, and recovering lost antiquities and relics. Her Desolate Form is terrible, as she appears as a naked goddess with rippling muscle, covered with a purple plasmic slime, and surrounded by wolf like aura flares, as her Hundun Soul was a powerful animalistic force. She will feign easy defeat and capture, as befitting a meek Nipponese woman, and once under detention, will mind control, use rituals, and otherwise slaughter those who dared to abduct her, or simply take them over and add them into her portfolio of minions and assets.

Lei Wulong (Hong Kong/ACPS)

Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis, a major industrial, technological, and commercial center of the ACPS, and it's police force is one of the best in the world, and this is made even more impressive by its reliance on old school methods of police work. While there are certainly high end SWAT and power armor police, Lei Wulong and a number of other traditional beat cops do the real work. Wulong is a supercop, incredibly well trained, with emphasis on improvised fighting, 5 form Kung-Fu, and the ins and outs of the Hong Kong underworld. He approaches his police work with an almost slapstick methodology, one that has him making jokes, and often using himself as the butt of the joke, spilling things on himself, or dropping things to comical effect. Many gang members will immediately underestimate the slim smiling Wulong, as he drops his coffee getting out of the patrol van. They usually realize the mistake after the bumbling cop puts his foot on the side of their heads, and then cuffs them while they are unconscious.

Lei Wulong is a normal human, but has benefitted greatly from a combat computer implant near the base of his skull. This device lets him use SkillSoft cards to 'slot in' special skills, such as specialized linguistic cards, martial arts training cards, and cards for controlling vehicles, piloting random machines, or acrobatics, as the case requires. He is a born and bred cop, and the Hong Kong police department is currently working with the Chan Kong-sang Corp to create a codex series clone based off of Wulong. This clone would be specifically designed and trained to have Wulong's police skill and basic hand to hand ability, but more importantly, his inclination to be unassuming and charming. This low profile approach is uncommon in the Cosmic Era, as most special police are more closely related to the Republic of the Great Lakes Cyborg Police Unit , or the Commonwealth of New England's Judicator systems.

Alex (Australia)

Created from reconstituted dromeosaurid DNA and human DNA, Alex is a saurian chimera. Superficially a reptilian dinosaur, he has a much larger brain, as well as several augmentations and implants that bring him up to a human level intelligence. Alex is a prototype 'soldier' created by the Able Foundation in Australia with the intent of creating superior soldiers with natural weaponry and hunting instincts to release into the jungles of Indonesia and SE Asia to counter the threat of the ACPS military.

Alex was bred to be a hunting killing machine, and he has deviated from this programming, as his intellect requires more than just killing. While he isn't opposed to death, he is uniquely equipped and gifted at delivering it, the chimera has an open and inquisitive mind, and in his tests, more than once he allowed targets to escape if they were 'interesting' to him. He doesn't have any parapsychic abilities, but his physical attributes are all very high, and he has learned a hybrid martial art that is part knife fighting using his enlarged raptor claws, and part standard military hand to hand combat. It is simply a matter of time before Alex and the Lin Kuei shinobi Reptile come face to face.

Angel (unknown)

What Angel is and where Angel comes from are as mysterious as her motivations in the world. Given her namesake, she has the appearance of a classical angel, with a strong and well toned body, white avian wings, and has at varying times appeared armed with advanced weapons, or completely unarmed. She is a powerful parapsychic, and has exemplary abilities in pyrokinesis, aerokinesis (wind/air manipulation) and has unknown but very strong soul manipulating abilities. As a fighter, she is very strong, and mixes a military standard martial art style with a primarily defensive fighting stance. She has strong blocking abilities, and can stop most conventional and parapsychic attacks with relative ease, countering with strong knock back maneuvers and ending battles with a strong beam attack that can and has destroyed portions of buildings, damage vehicles, and even disrupt mecha.

Angel is was a supersoldier who was slowly losing her sanity and retreated to New Themyscira, where she studied self control and personal guidance under the tutelage of the Amazon warriors of the island. While they were not able to prevent Angel's descent into complete insanity, they were able to guide it, and instead of a monstrosity, they created a powerful weapon for good. Angel exists in a near constant state of parapsychic burn, and as a burner, she is drawn to other strong parapsychics, especially those of a very strong negative aspect. Angel typically goes where there is a dangerous and evil person and will attempt to redeem them, and if they cannot be redeemed or pardoned through her parapsychic powers and manipulation, she will be forced to sadly annihilate them. This is all that is left of her life, and is the sole point of her existence now. As such, she has several ongoing 'relationships' with powerful and evil people who she is attempting to save, before deciding that they cannot be. Her last encounter was a brutal one, and while she was defeated and forced to retreat, the effort cost her target several conventional fighter aircraft and a portion of his personal estate.

Baek Doo San (Korea/ACPS)

Baek Doo San hails from a long line of Tae Kwon Do masters, and the Doo San Dojo in Korea was one of the premiere dojos on the peninsula. This all changed when Baek erupted as an unexpected parapsychic. The young fighter had had a long and often negative relationship with his demanding father, which ended when Baek killed him in a sparring match. Overcome by grief in the middle of a parapsychic eruption, Baek went on a rampage that destroyed several buildings, and left a large number of people hospitalized. He was forced to flee Korea after Sigma Blue, sent agents to find him. Baek homed his martial arts skills during his exile to China. Several times he was hunted down by martial artists looking to avenge the Doo San dojo, or to test themselves against such a dangerous opponent. Baek eventually fought, and was defeated by a member of the White Lotus Society (possibly Kung Lao, but Baek isn't sure) and the warrior monk pardoned him of his past sins. Baek hasn't returned to Korea, especially now after it has been occupied by the ACPS. He will one day return, and reopen the Doo San dojo, but he is running out of time, as his hair is already starting to gray.

Baek Doo San is a Korean refugee, traveling the backroads of the ACPS where he visits the ancient warrior monasteries and seeks enlightenment and wisdom to control his fearsome parapsychic ability. He is a moderately skilled fighter, but a very potent parapsychic, and his reliance on this power makes him prone to entering periods of prolonged burn. He is also inexorably drawn to dimensional fatigue events, where he has more than once saved a large number of people from a gruesome death by fighting monsters and mutants.

Bruce Irvin (Republic of California/PRC)

Bruce Irvin comes from the urban slums of the Los Angeles Megaplex, where he grew up on the rough streets and supported himself and his family through dealing drugs, pit fighting, and being part of one of the major gangs in the area. He was devastated when his family, and a large number of other people were murdered in a major gang war that tore through the sprawl. He erupted as a latent parapsychic warrior and was later recruited by a Martial Arts Promotion company. After a short stint in rehab, Irvin relocated to Indonesia where he trained under the World Champion Muy Thai kickboxing master Sagat, the King of Muy Thai and the grandmaster of the Petchyindee Dojo in Thailand. Irvin trained under Sagat, but their relationship was rocky, as Sagat disliked and distrusted the underhanded nature of Irvin's style of fighting and saw him as an inferior warrior. Irvin now travels around the PRC competing in tournaments and matches, and regularly freelances as a bodyguard.

Irvin is a muy thai kickboxer of high skill, and has training pedigree under the best teacher in the world. Inside the martial arts community, it is known that Irvin was thrown out of Petchyindee after he attempted to use underhanded tactics to defeat the Grandmaster of the Dojo in an examination sparring match. Irvin has some illicit contacts, and most of his bodyguard work is done for bosses and VIPs in criminal organizations, most notably the Yakuza in Nippon, and high level members of the Black Dragon Society when said individuals travel to the ACPS. Irvin is fluent in several SE Asian languages, and is knowledgeable of the local customs and how to get around in said location.

Roger (Australia/PRC)

Roger is a genetically modified organism, specifically a kangaroo. There is a company in Australia that has taken to creating a small pool of human level sentient kangaroos, typically spliced together from several species to create the perfect stereotypical image of the Aussie 'Roo. Roger was a wash out from the program as he proved too belligerent and hard to control. He was a hair away from being 'decommissioned' when he was taken in by a Fighting School, as a project. They wanted to see if the GMO 'Roo could channel his energy and benefit from the focus and discipline from the school.

Roger is a MMA style fighter with an emphasis on kick boxing, and American style boxing. He uses gloves for professional fights not to protect his hands, but to protect his opponents, under the gloves, Roger has some impressive 'roo claws and can seriously mess someone up with them.

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