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Cor-Spiders are wolf spider like creatures, about the size of large man's hand. Unlike most wolf spiders, cor-spiders are prodigious web producers, creating webs that are several meters wide and capable of capturing good sized mammals (small deer, large goats, pigs). Cor-spiders have scared many a person who found a Cor-spider's territory filled with webs, and were afraid they were in the area of a merkwood (that has HUGE GIANT Spiders).

Additional Information
Gathering Cor-spider silk can be a bit dangerous, as Cor-spider venom can drop a large man within a candlemark. Yet, there is a constant demand for it. Once gathered, combed, spun and woven, it creates a fine strong silk. If the fabric is woven tightly enough, it will prevent the passage of blades (though the blunt force trauma is there).

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