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Twin Pole, like most Kerrenese cities, are defined by their terrain. Twin Poles is in a deep and broad river valley, with broad color banded walls, built upon one long raised promontory from which two tall "spires" rise. The water is broad, but not too deep around the "island", keeping bothersome the aquatic megafauna to a minimum. (Though the local Dinosaur Watercows are quite dangerous).

The Island is a good 700M long and 200M wide (raised a good 5M, well bellow flood level). The valley is 70 meters deep at this point. The spires, thirty meters in diameter and flat topped, reach as tall as the lip of the valley. The Kerrenese live in a small cluster between these two spires. The homes all face outward, toward the valley walls.

There are two smaller "islands" between Twin Poles and the Valley walls parallel to each other... linked to the "island" by rope bridges. They are seldom used except on "Big Days"

The buildings are plastered adobe, with the traditional square shape and extending beams. They are of one to two stories in height, asymmetrical in roofheight (one side is one story, the other is two or one and a half). There are ladders on the roofways, to facilitate travel up and down the roofs. Those building closer to the center of the "island" are built up higher so all the homes seem to cascade down to the edge.

The warren is actually a good distance down the valley. It is quite oversized for the number of wings stationed there, but that is for the convenience of others coming here for "Big Days".

The buildings are fairly boring. Yet you would never know that on Tournament days. Twin Poles is a perfect natural tournament site, with its large and deep valley (no cross winds), two massive poles (for circuit flying) , and warm temperature (good for thermals and for late night parties). There are six major tournaments held here a year, including the Grand Prix, the event only those who have won a major event are invited to. On tournament days, the streamers and banners for each Event comes out turning the buildings into a colorful sea. Though there is mining and limited farming in these parts, Twin Poles mostly supports itself through the hosting of tournaments. In addition to the six majors, there are 15 minors held here as well, including the First Ryders tournament (open to only those that have bonded to their beasts in the last year... it is cute watching these young kids and fledged dragons looking so serious in their tournament).

The leader of the cluster is called "The Grand Marshall", with other leaders being "Marshalls". They wear distinctive fez like hats and shirts that match the "colors" of a given event. These people act as judges, line monitors, and organizer for the various events. The Grand Marshall actually seems to have more power than the Wardens in these parts.

Note: Many Ryders and tourists who can not secure lodging in the cluster or warren, will camp out on the flat lands above. The flats above the city become a sea of colored tents. Water is at a premium, but the view "ridge side" is almost worth it.

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