This Kerrenese town is of classic design. It's strong walls surrond the Cluster on three side, a large rocky cliff side closes the square. It is not too far from the river, in fact on the occasions when it floods the walls act as a dyke protecting the city. The walls are not as high as some cluster's, but nothing too large lives in this region.

The buildings are of the classic square adobe and plaster style (echoing the Cliff Dwellers of the SouthWest). They are of one to two stories in height, asymetrical in roofheight (one side is one story, the other is two or one and a half). There are ladders on the roofways, to facilitate travel up and down the roofs. The buildings are washed white, but the light tan of the local clay and plaster mix makes everything a beige. The logs that are used as roof support jet out from the plaster as a decorative touch. On some of the older buildings, the logs have been carved with a dragon motiff and painted with the local Warren colors (HighBlue's Skyblue and River BlueGreen). Certain homes have put a light blue wash over their white, just to be different.

The Streets and Pathways are narrow here, even by the Kerrenese standards. The streets are paved with river rocks and shale, with pathways being packed earth. Most people take to the rooftop paths, lightly leaping the very short gaps that present themselves.

The cliffward buildings are higher in altitude (and number of stories 2.5 to 3, instead of the normal 1.5 to 2) than their riverward counterparts. From the roofs of these buildings, one can just make out BlueFord's counterpart cluster on the other side of the river valley (BlueHill).

BlueFord has two sets of stairs that lead up from it to the Warren. The HighBlue warren is of a good size, with three full wings of Ryders for the entire Blue Valley Ward.

On a flat plateu that forms the roof of the Warren, is the tourney grounds. It is too cold and windy to be inhabited most of the time, but when the BlueValley tournament occurs, visitors can see the entire course from its vantage point.

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