Avon is a city more by Imperial decree than actual size or purpose. It looks like many of the sea side villages that dot the southern coastal region, just larger and with a city wall (two imperial strides tall) which it has yet to grow into. The walls do not enclose the water side of the harbor area. The piers jet out over the rocky shore lines into the water. Since Avon makes most of its living from the sea, there are nearly as many boats as adult males.

The streets are packed earth with additional stones packed in. They get bog like in the spring and fall, but when the weather changes drastically, they become functional.

Most of the buildings are tudor styled cottages (one to four room affairs), with slate roofs rather than thatch. This means they have half-timbering (some of which is decorative), steeply pitched roof, prominent cross gables, small narrow windows, and large brick chimneys. They are covered in an off white local plaster, with the half timbering showing.

The larger buildings are tudor and neo-tudor in style, all with high pitched slate roofs. They may have overlapping gables, enclosed entry ways, parapets, and beautifully patterned brick or stonework. Newer buildings are taking their cue from Antioch, with asymmetrical configurations (one side lighter/ lower than the other) and a longer, narrower floor plan.

These designs are fairly fire resistant, easy to replicate, and use local materials.

The only building of notes are the Imperial Hall and the Temple.

The Imperial Hall is where the local clan/ guild council meets. It also holds the Imperial Gate as well.

The Temple is a huge affair, the size of a French Catholic Grand Cathedral. It has a sleep hall and a community hall as well. The clergy here supports the needs of all the Deities of all tiers in one building. The beliefs here are more monotheistic, focused on Ge-Em than pantheistic as in most of Second and ThirdLand.

Note: If you had visited a fishing town in England in the 1900s, you might think Avon a larger one. Until you saw the odd appearing MaskLanders and the furry folks of course. Avon is closer to Mask and ForthLand. Though the currents take one up the coast, many ships stop at Avon. Being so close to the plains and lost biomes, there are a proportionally larger population of furry folks. The people here treat the non-peoples more fairly than most other ThirdLanders.

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