A band of realistic ocean waves carved of fine silver, accented with polished bone chips as the foamy crest of each wave. The only thing that marks this headpiece as anything other than normal jewelry is the fact that it is forever untarnished and of course has a magical dweomer. This wondrous circlet was in fact, crafted by the merfolk deep under the sea. Most of them can be found belonging to the afluent houses of the Sahuagin and Merfolk hunters. Very few make it up to the surface and those that do are highly prized among hunters of any kind.

Cerberus is well known as the three headed hound which guards the gates of Hades, preventing those souls who have crossed the river Styx from wandering back out of Hades. What is less known is that he is the offspring of Echidna and Typhon. Both are sea monsters and Cerberus was born in a cave deep beneath the waves. As a child of the sea, he is able to breathe water, and move with great speed while in water. With his hound head, he can also track his prey in water with unfailing accuracy. When long gone Mermen orginally found the shed teeth of a young Cerberus, they took them to their finest metalworkers to craft these magical circlets. The resulting bands took on the tracking abilities of the monster as well as bestowing some of his speed and underwater breathing.

The wearer can track a living target thru water or over land with 100% accuracy if the trail is less than a day old, losing 5% accuracy per day as the trail grows colder. If the target is specific, such as Randy the Barbarian, a previous scent of Randy or something he touched is required.

The wearer may also roll to 'catch the scent' of a general living target. (for example; deer, orcs, sharks) It's a 60% chance of success.

It bestows the wearer the ability to breathe underwater, and increases their swim speed by 50%.

The little known fact about this item is the longing Cerberus has to return to the sea is also a part of the gift bestowed. It has the properties of a slow moving Geas, causing the wearer's mind to linger more and more on fond thoughts of life beneath the waves.

Eventually it always becomes too much to bear....perhaps this is the true reason there are not many to be found on dry land...

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