Thinking of incorporating Oriental elements into your game? Then you've come to the right place here- a one-stop resource guide with direct links to various Chinese themed submissions that I've compiled from the web and manually translated into English.

Included in this Codex are:

I will also link my Chinse Mythical Lifeforms Codex here.

Now, as for the utility of this sub, my foremost thought is that this will be a comprehensive resource guide for GMs who want to add some Chinese elements or even create a Chinese theme campaign/quest. Even if that is not the actual plan, the content here can still function well as some meta-world information that GMs can drop into their world to spice it up with something different from the medieval Western world that has been the staple of fantasy.

Is that all, you ask? Well no. Thanks to Scras' comment, I thought hard about this aspect and I came up with the following additional uses:

  • PCs could be picking up these lore in pubs or other places from NPCs. This can lead to multiple possibilities including: a lever to transition to a new quest/campaign or just a dead end to vex the players; the lore can be re-used as answers to riddles encountered in dungeons and other adventures; the lore might end up being useful when interacting with NPCs and help players to get approval from specific NPCs eg. lore/history enthusiasts, Chinese NPCs etc.
  • Going further with the interaction of these lore with NPCs, there is the possibility might be also be get money for selling NPCs these lore. Or alternatively, there might be the possibility to cultivate a lore NPC as a long term contact. In particular, having such a contact might help the PCs to better able to ‘detect' the properties of the random loot they gathered from adventures.

Oh and finally, if there are topics that are not already covered here but you would really like to know, note it down in the comments and I will see whether I can accommodate the request.

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