The Changelings are an ancient and secretive race, never revealing their true identity and thus remains a mystery.

The majority lives in a hive, like a city under ground. A hive is ruled by the Queen, who is assisted by a small number of male Princes. All Changelings are fiercely loyal to the Queen of the local hive, on the border of insane devotion.

The Day the Queen was hatched, and when she ascended to Power are both sacred and are thus celebrated with fierce seal. Nothing short of a fully blown war is coming between them and the jubilant festivities. The High Queen enjoys the same devotion from each and every Hive and every individual Changeling. Even the operatives takes time to denote these days, if and when possible. The only excuse is if one is to be uncovered and deposed by performing the rites required.

Each individual changeling lives in what could be seen as a small cell in which her bed is found. She owns no personal affects in her natural state and asks for no such trivialities. If seen in this state, she is looking like a black rubber doll but otherwise fairly recognizable.

If and when sent out on a mission outside the hive, she is generally given a form and a small allowance by which to make it to the designated post where she is to make her living.

The 'ling is commonly seen among inhabitants of most common species and races. She is naturally excelling at the work she is sent to as a cover, while she may be spying, openly dealing in information or just gathering resources in the form currently most convenient and dearly required by the hive. Some are bland, while others are exceedingly attractive to the population in the community they are posted at the time.

Changelings are naturally social creatures and are commonly doing well by the neighbours around them by any standard applicable at any given time.

Changelings has a deep connection to the earth, life and the community in which they are currently stationed in. It is thus natural to each individual to take part in all traditions and celebrate the holidays in the community and region in which they are currently aligned with. Birthdays are sacred, and if there is no Queen, the Employer or other similar high position will take precedence.

On mission, a Changeling always lock her room from within and rigs the lock before she bars the door with furniture behind. Only then she she safely rest in her natural state of no solid physical form. While she can maintain her form for prolonged periods of time, it is taxing on her and makes her increasingly irritated.

Tip for use in Campain or other settings: Changelings are commonly knowledgeable well outside of the expected areas.

She may also offer useful items she picked up for the purpose of trading or cementing relations and trust in convenient positions.

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