This reflective, silver chakram has all eight phases of the moon etched symmetrically onto the circular blade. When the moon is full, the chakram sheds a faint silvery light.


The farthest reaches of a kingdom's domain, so far North that no enemy nation threatens the border, are often the least regarded among the king's problems. One small village in such a distant reach was plagued by the curse of lycanthropy. Every full moon, the villagers knew to look their doors and board their windows lest their bodies feed the cursed beasts or worse, contract the curse.

With monthly waves of pleas that went unregarded by the kingdom's defenses, with promises that the armies were busy protecting the kingdom from foreign conquest, the village began forging weapons of silver to defend themselves. Locus, mother of a lovely daughter and the only village silversmith, made arrows and spear heads with whatever silver the village had. The men of the village, farmers all, would hunt during all phases of the moon for the cursed outcasts who lived in the nearby forests or hills. They would hunt for weeks at a time until the approach of the full moon. With a shoddy fence and nightly patrols, the village did what it could to survive. The werewolves always attacked. Better equipped, the villagers often killed most of the beasts only to find out the following month that villagers bitten or scratched during the attack would bolster the thin ranks of the lycanthrops.

One full moon, the villagers crouched in their locked homes dreading the impending raid. Locus, in horror, watched as her young daughter, who had concealed a small bite, transformed by the light of the moon. Locus escaped her home and locked the child inside. After the full moon passed, the villagers demanded the the child be killed for the safety of the rest of them. Locus tentatively stayed their weapons by threatening to stop making weapons of silver if her daughter was harmed. Locus took the large silver crucifix from the church while asking her god for forgiveness and mercy. The village had silver and could also trade with nearby cities for silver; no one had desired to melt the crucifix that symbolized their faith. But still, no one seemed to be willing to stop Locus from doing so.

Working for three weeks, mumbling prayers without end, only sleeping when she would collapsed from fatigue, working as if she was possessed, Locus forged a perfect chakram that held secret and forgotten magic. Later, the village would tell stories of how an angel had possessed her to impart knowledge of forging magic within the silver. When she finished, she cut her daughter's hand with it, and the curse lifted. To this day, Locus has no memory of where the chakram came from.

Magical Properties

The New Moon Chakram is constructed of pure silver and has three magical abilities:

  1. The chakram will shed silver light during the full moon.
  2. When thrown, the chakram always returns to the hand of the one who threw it.
  3. When the chakram cuts the flesh of a lycanthrop, shapechanger, or anything that has magically assumed a different physical form, the transformation unwinds and causes the creature to revert back to it's original form.

Whether time had faded the chakrams power or whether the power was only usable once, the chakram no longer removes the curse of lycanthropy. Instead, it only suppresses it for a time.


It is no surprise that many being fear and hate the Chakram of the New Moon. Not the least of which is a nest of Doppelgangers who wish to destroy the weapon lest it undermine their stolen positions of power. It is rumored that the chakram can be unmade through a lengthy ritual performed by five shapechangers and a vat of molten silver. The details of the ritual are uncertain.

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