In many of the towns of the Western Bogs there are no prisons. Not because they aren't needed, but because an entirly different method is used.

When convicted, which is normally a slow process, the criminal and a warden or two head out into the bogs. Before this the criminal is often kept in the stocks until sentenced. He is sentanced by a council of the heads of households, the coulncil only meets once every 2 weeks unless if here is an emergency.

When convicted the Offender is given a shovel and told to dig straight down for a day, at the end of the day the shovel is taken from them. They stay in the hole. The Guard then places a extremly heavy grate over the hole and the prisoner is left there. The grate extends a good meter to the side of the hole usually.

In the winter the tempature will get up to about -5 C(20 F) at midday and is known to drop below -25 at night. The shovel has a Helspar tip, and during the winter the prisoner is given a blanket and about five coals to keep themselves alive during the night.

During the summer it's worse. If you managed to dig down deep enough to stand up/kneel you'll be like that all night, with water at your chin, many don't manage to get it that deep because of all the water that floods the hole while they are trying to dig. And during the night many are literally eaten alive by the many bugs/rodents/things that inhabit the marsh.

Needless to say many prefer death, or even exile, to imprisonment, because if they are given a more than one day's sentance, they are often given a week, they've been doomed to a death more painful and ignble than the gallows. At the end of the night they are pulled out of the hole and forced to dig another, no more than a hundred feet away so that the animals will be able to find them with less trouble this night.

IF someone manages to survive this they often die soon after leaving the bog. The infecton of the bites tends to kill them, or they die of diseases cause by having to drink the bog water. However, they are feed. Quite well in fact, almost 1 and a half rations. You see, it wouldn't be quite as cruel if the prisoner died of starvation now would it?

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