Warning: Science Fiction Like Substance Contained.
Standing a manly five feet tall, Captain Fusionbelly stands, uhm, forehead and eyebrows above the majority of his crew, except for that one star-blasted robot that stands head, shoulders, and elbows above the lot of them.

Like any other good dwarf, Fusion Belly is roughly cubical in that five foot dimension, though little fat is visible beneath his royal purple skin, and a long, neon-orange beard hangs from his chin beneath a totally bald pate.

Typically, he is dressed in the starfarer’s overalls, essentially clothing-of-many-pouches all on its own.


Like many another Salvorathan, Fusionbelly was born in deep space, and almost immediately entered the swelling forces of his starclan. Unlike most Salvorathan, however, he was sublimely lucky, finding a cache of both rare and exotic matters and Predecessor Artifacts on a scouting run for his mining ship, and was given a hefty share of the profits in securing it. While most of his clan chose to plow their personal profits back into the mining fleet, he chose elsewise, purchasing a hauling trolley from the clan and never looking back.

Roleplaying Notes

Captain Fusionbelly is the owner and captain of a small ship, the Hammer of the Stars roughly in the same mass class as the classical Millenium Falcon. Hammer, however, is almost completely unlike the Falcon, being slow, heavy, underarmed, and prone to leaking radiation into the cabin areas. Aside from these glitches, though, it can almost always be counted on to actually work, maintained as it is by the pride of the Salvorathan… who find the radiation to be ‘cozy’.

Living off the dregs of the galaxy, the surprisingly jovial… and accented… Captain is willing to take almost any job, given the price is right. Hauling ore? No problem. Haulin’ a half-ton of Mind Shock under the noses of system security? We’ve got this nice hold underneath the deck, never-mind the hard rads, it won’t be hurt, will it bahs? Rescue tha princess? What are you, bloody nuts, Puregene?

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