Burn Box

'Private documents need protecting? no problem just get a burn box'


Private documents, spell books, anything you don't want to keep others away from are kept in this chest.

when opened without going thought the proper sequence (twist key left then right, tap side twice, ect.) when opened the contents of the chest are engulfed in flames or acid, possibly harming the person opening the box.

However some items are too valuable to destroy out right, so some of these boxes have a false bottom that is protected from the effects of opening the box.

Burn boxes with false bottoms works mostly though the misleading as most thieves, spy and annoying adventures as they will believe that all objects of value are gone. Only the most observant will find the false bottom, most will only find the remains of other less valuable doucuments.


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A useful little item.

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So, it basically is a magically trapped box.

As an item it is okay, but you have neglected a tell tale feature allowing the PCs to avoid a fiery fate.

Excepting the false bottom, the box itself is not terribly useful. I guess couriers could travel with it in their wagons, with state secrets and the like safely kept in the box. Highwaymen, spies and nosy people would get a nasty surprise as flames torched those revealing documents.

Another use could be nobles keeping it in their basement, filling it with fiery oils and keeping diamonds in the hidden compartment.

The box should REALLY have a tell tale warning the PCs of the dangers within. An example could be scorch marks on the rim or a charred corpse in front of the box.

2.5/5. Needs more work.

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I agree with Ancient Gamer's comments. More development would be most useful.

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I get the idea, but the write up is really confusing.


"anything you don't want to keep others away from are kept in this chest." I don't think the word don't should be in this sentence.

In the first sentence of the last "paragraph", I think spy should be plural.


This is a good canidate for the 100 word treatment.

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Its a straight up item - seems a modern item pushed into fantasy. Not saying it does not fit, but it would probably serve better on a list of spycraft items.