A bronze bowl about a foot and a half tall and a half foot wide. On opposite sides of the lip of the bowl is a brass, square looped handle. Carvings of men carrying spears circle the outside of the bowl.

To use the bowl, it must be filled up with water to the exact edge of the crease of the lip. Then wielder must then rub the metal handles with the palms of his hands creating waves and ripples that, if done correctly, turn into water spouts that can bounce out of the bowl up to three feet high. Once this is attained viewing the pattern of the water spouts draws the person's spirit out of thier body.

The spirit is able to return to the body as long as there is any moisture left in the bronze bowl. If the bowl is emptied and completely dried out the spirit is trapped until it is once again moistened.

Magical Properties:
Once the user's spirit is freed it is able to move at will where ever it wants. The spirit can slip under doors and travel as fast as a soaring eagle. The spirit has no physical traits and is invisible to all normal vision.

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