Full Item Description
A rather thick book in appearance it really is nothing special except maybe for the fact that it is somewhat thicker than most other books.

Once a long time ago there was a young scholar and rather weak mageling. His only real passion was for learning it didn't matter what just as he was learning something. This vexed his master to no end for it was almost impossible to keep him on one subject so the master mage mandated that the boy would study nothing that wasn't of worth to his magical studies.

The student reluctantly agreed but still couldn't quite suppress the urge to study the common, or seemingly useless information, although the stories that would put even a dragon to sleep he had written down did save him once. It was almost a year later when his master found a recipe for chicken soup in his students spell book, and so the mage cast him out of his apprenticeship.

The boy somewhat disheartened wandered to a tavern where he sat for hours thinking about what to do with his life. After he ordered and his meal came he began jotting in his book about the taste, this is when he realized that he could now study about anything he wished.

It was some months later when the inevitable happened, he ran out of room in his journal. He considered simply writing over everything but did not want to destroy what he had already written. So after much thought he reached into the knowledge he gained created this magic book, and also a group of followers.

"Knowledge is power but what dose chicken soup have to do with anything?"
Magic/Cursed Properties

The magical properties of this item are twofold.

The fist property it that it will never run out of pages as one page is finished another is reveled. Since the spell created an infinite number of pages within the book the ones not in use are stored elsewhere the book always maintains a constant number of pages between the covers of the book.

The second property is that the book is organized into sections. A page written about cooking will file itself in the cooking section almost like a library. There is however a downside to this sectioning you can always open the book to the section you want, in the middle for this subject or near the end for that one. After you find the section that you are looking for you simply have to flip until you find the page you are looking for.

These seemingly powerful enchantments were created by a rather simple method, and some trial and error. Due to the fact that this young scholar spent much of his time learning and writing he acquired a large number of blank books all of which now are organized in a huge library. When each page is written or recalled it is sent from or brought from this library in writing in a much larger expansion of a spell his master used to research his mundane books; however since it is the intent of the person holding the book that sends or gathers the material you sometimes end up with what you really want and not what you need.

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