Blood Seekers are a type of mystical weapons. They strike with unerring accuracy, as they target the flowing blood in a living target.

Their appearance is distinctive, the steel has a damascus pattern with a dried blood tone. There is a slight mystic glow to the blade. The process of enchantment converts a mere broadsword to a weapon of superior balance and edge - master class.

Once drawn, the wielder can choose to unleash the Blood Seeker's ability at any time. With the act of intent for a single strike, the Blood Seeker will direct the wielder's form (like most magic weapons) striking at all the blooded creatures immediately around it. This effect is not selective, so hostages and friends in that area will be attacked as well. This makes the weapons suited for single heroics, rather than teamwork.

It should be noted The weapon is useless against foes without blood (most undead, golems, etc). In fact, even if the wielder makes a successful attack, it will do little damage.

The History of Blood Seekers is old. It is a basic weapon enchantment, discovered by almost every civilization. Blood Seekers have been made over the ages. Many ancient ones survive to this day. A few bardic tales have given these weapons an undeserved reputation for Evil and power. They are not the vampiric blades of legends, stealing souls. They do not destroy armies. Because of these tales, many places have outlawed these weapons or at least look upon all their wielders with suspicion.

Magical Properties:

When striking with the Blood Seeker, one action allows you to make attack rolls against every blooded being within 3 meters of the wielder. The attack and damage rolls are resolved as per a master crafted broadsword wielded by a master. The attacks can be parried or dodged, but at an average penalty.

The weapon does not distinguish between friend, foe, or innocent. It its heart pumps blood, the BloodSeeker will strike at them. Only the wielder is not attacked by said weapon.

The enchantment makes the weapons less useful against foes without blood (most undead, golems, etc). It will deal one element of damage if you manage a successful attack against one.

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