Rather expensive, Blaze and Frost Stones are quite rare, being made through a special process that involves months of preparation.

Blazestones and Frost Stones are made from the same milky quartz stone, the only difference being the carefully carved runes on their surfaces. Most buyers are recommended to assign a command word to their stones. Gloves enchanted for handling them are also sold, for extra.

These stones are mostly sold in their home environments, Frost Stones in the cold northern wastes, and Blaze Stones in the blistering southern deserts, but this is up to one's discretion.


Blaze and Frost Stones radiate extreme heat or cold, in some cases dangerously so. These magical stones can be activated by speaking a command word while being held in one's hand. The stones may be deactivated similarly, using the command word within several feet.

Upon activation the stone is either reasonably cool or warm, but quickly gets very cold or hot.

Uses & Scenarios .

Alchemy - Boiling or cooling alchemical reagents.

Artificial Environments - For people, creatures or objects that have specific environmental preferences

Cooking & Preserving foods - Boiling water, set in a campfire etc..,

Survival in Extreme Environments - Settled on a belt or in a backpack for traveling, settled in a tent or shelter, etc..,

Discounted - Being sold at a discount because of a flaw in the runes or a crack in the stone or some other issue. Doesn't deactivate, set things against it on fire/freezes them, explodes in frost/fire, luke-warm, cool, etc..,

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