History's memory of the blades is little because the events that surround them always overshadow them. The blades actions are so subtle that few know they are in possession of one or that they were the catalyst for the long string of events. They are silent unknown tyrants that create a bloody history.

Blades of Majesty are magical, but of the oldest forgotten sort. Their powers are great but the use of them is as natural to the user as walking, and therein lies their power. The intricate subconscious manipulation on their wielder to wage war. It was the error of the creator to attempt the same creation again. But no one says the creator was a sane man, for he continued to make the blades until is death and told no one how many there are.

The Blades have no ill will towards each other; it is simply their nature to drive mortals, and perhaps immortals, to battle each other on an epic scale. It is their calling, their purpose, and they fulfill it admirably. Each sword now works in unison for a combined effect.

The Blades are the sharpest ever wrought and can never be dulled regardless of the use. Through continued use of the sword the wielder's ego and skill slowly builds. In battle, he is unbeatable, in aspirations, he is unstoppable, he is wiser, more just, and more loved then any other. It is only natural then that he should be king. Or so he slowly is led to believe, for the swords are never satisfied by mediocrity, they require power and respect for their masters and will not stop till they have it. Once that power is established it is twists it use in the promise of more power, and that path will lead to a clash between Blades of Majesty and battle of epic proportions. Many of the greatest wars of the land could very well be the product of the Blades manipulations, but can it be proven?

Magical Properties:
The swords give almost psychic knowledge to the wielder on what words need to be spoken and what actions need to be taken to bring him to power. Slow and methodical the swords are and through this subtle manipulation the owner, and those around him, perceive it to be his actions that are bringing about his slowly growing power.

This given power always leads to great battles. The swords will work in conjunction with each other to time the rise of their respective wielders strength and power to culminate in a bloody massacre where both armies will destroy each other. The more people, the more deaths, all the better and it will be planned to maximize the war. The swords live for war and thrive on it, basking in the glory they find in it.

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