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January 16, 2007, 5:07 pm

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Blades of Majesty


Nobody knows how many were made or who the creator was. It is only known that in need, the blades always appear to those that are worthy. They lift those they choose into places of power and use that influence to rage a millennium old war.

History’s memory of the blades is little because the events that surround them always overshadow them. The blades actions are so subtle that few know they are in possession of one or that they were the catalyst for the long string of events. They are silent unknown tyrants that create a bloody history.

Blades of Majesty are magical, but of the oldest forgotten sort. Their powers are great but the use of them is as natural to the user as walking, and therein lies their power. The intricate subconscious manipulation on their wielder to wage war. It was the error of the creator to attempt the same creation again. But no one says the creator was a sane man, for he continued to make the blades until is death and told no one how many there are.

The Blades have no ill will towards each other; it is simply their nature to drive mortals, and perhaps immortals, to battle each other on an epic scale. It is their calling, their purpose, and they fulfill it admirably. Each sword now works in unison for a combined effect.

The Blades are the sharpest ever wrought and can never be dulled regardless of the use. Through continued use of the sword the wielder’s ego and skill slowly builds. In battle, he is unbeatable, in aspirations, he is unstoppable, he is wiser, more just, and more loved then any other. It is only natural then that he should be king. Or so he slowly is led to believe, for the swords are never satisfied by mediocrity, they require power and respect for their masters and will not stop till they have it. Once that power is established it is twists it use in the promise of more power, and that path will lead to a clash between Blades of Majesty and battle of epic proportions. Many of the greatest wars of the land could very well be the product of the Blades manipulations, but can it be proven?

Magical Properties:
The swords give almost psychic knowledge to the wielder on what words need to be spoken and what actions need to be taken to bring him to power. Slow and methodical the swords are and through this subtle manipulation the owner, and those around him, perceive it to be his actions that are bringing about his slowly growing power.

This given power always leads to great battles. The swords will work in conjunction with each other to time the rise of their respective wielders strength and power to culminate in a bloody massacre where both armies will destroy each other. The more people, the more deaths, all the better and it will be planned to maximize the war. The swords live for war and thrive on it, basking in the glory they find in it.

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Comments ( 11 )
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Barbarian Horde
October 19, 2002, 14:00
Might be good for a historical perspective and world building. A little harder to incorporate into a current campaign except as something that may never be discovered. Could be the reason behind the war, but would anyone ever figure it out...and would it matter?
October 21, 2002, 14:59
I like this idea a lot. In England there's a lot of debate at the moment about blood sports and how they should be banned (of course they should) and it would be an interesting metaphorical parallel that war was the bloodsport of swords, and that men were driven to it by the cruel iron masters which they themselves forged.
Ria Hawk
October 21, 2002, 23:03
And what if some shadowy malevolent figure knew about the nature of the swords and used it to his or her advantage?
November 2, 2002, 15:04
Could be something interesting to be delivered by the characters. One kingdom's gift to another as a symbol of alliance in defense against another. The motive behind the gift being to drive a neutral country to war on it's neighbor. The challenge would be for the players to resist any of the blades manipulations while in transit.
November 3, 2002, 15:52
That could even be the blades purpose all along and still nobody would know about it, not even the kingdom giving the gift. Could have been won in a skirmish and the new owner has this 'idea' to give it to the neutral country and try to win favor. All the time it is because now two swords ended up in the same kingdom and that is not how they work, unless a uprising would provide the bigger battle, but a neutral country gives larger possibilities to greater battles.

Maybe the characters can finally figure out the nature of the swords and then seek to destroy them ala LOTR.
December 13, 2002, 19:34
Yeah, I love mind-affecting and mind-afflicting items and effects..... This would also be a nice gift for a PC.... Maybe..
May 6, 2004, 2:51
An item of destiny. The sort of thing that is incorporated into a fantasy book, rather than a game. It would take a great deal of GM finagling to make this item work in game.

This item is not cursed. It does what it does, propells you to power. So there is war and bloodshed along the way. How you handle that war/ bloodshed/ innocents in the way, would determine how long you are in power.

Then again... if you take a page from Hamlet, this item is cursed. It gets you there. There is nothing in the write up that says, you stay in power for any length of time. So soon after you "win", depending on how you go to power, you will soon find yourself deposed (by assasination, by revolt, etc).
May 6, 2004, 6:59
Yeah, more of a legend/background of a campaign world was my thought. Use it in creating the history of the world for the most part, an excuse for a great many battles and a change of rulers throughout.
Voted Cheka Man
May 28, 2006, 14:44
I like this submission.
Voted MoonHunter
May 28, 2006, 15:11
I think I voted for this a long time ago. But it allows me to do it again, so I am :P

Setting or Campaign items: Yes, they are not things you can just drop into a campaign. The world has to be build around their existance. People with uber-enhanced skills (and drives and egos to match) will push the course of history. So history must be set up.
Voted valadaar
February 6, 2014, 11:56
Neat, and I like Epe's comment. Spot on.

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