Full Item Description
A simple blue-gray wooden handle with a spiked head made of jagged ice filled with veins of black and red. It typically appears as a huge weapon, but can sometimes be made in smaller sizes for frost giant allies.
When exposed to heat it screams and thrashes about trying to flip itself to a colder spot. When cold, it seems content and relaxed; bringing peaceful feelings to the wielder.
Long ago, when the world was a black chunk of hellish ice, Ithyqonos ruled with a massive iron fist. Literally. He was a frost giant with two gigantic iron gauntlets for hands. Today, those hands form the Ithyqonian Peaks that reach to the northern skies as if trying to escape the ice.
This pick, and many impersonators, are carried by an ancient line of frost giant who claim to share the same blood as Ithyqonos. They strive to mimic his evil rule in every way. Slaves, Rime-Magic, and the art sculpting hideous twisted idols out of ice.
Magic/Cursed Properties
There is no weapon suited better to the winters of the Ithyqonian Peaks. A more-than-suitable ice pick, and potent weapon of cold.
- It freezes to the hands or of anyone foolish enough to try to pick it up with out Ithyqonian Gauntlets (Coming eventually).
- Freezes water and creatures made of or covered in water.
- Saps the life of non-frost giants without Ithyqonian Gauntlets or other suitable means of protection and uses that life to fuel it's chill aura.
- The more life it drains from the enemies of frost the more cold damage it can do, also projects a radius of cold than can hinder unprepared foes.
- Heat will cause it to jerk violently in the wielder's hands, possible ripping their hands off (if frozen to them) or just jumping free.

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