These are ancient bladed dueling weapons from a society long lost. These blades come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the most common being daggers (the most common of all), rapiers, bastard, and longswords. They are all distinguished by three features: the black and reddish sheen to the blades, the black hearts of their guards, and the red stones in the pomels. There are thousands of the weapons known to exist today.

The unique dueling code of this ancient era is manifested in these blades. It is a code of weapon's length (never attack with a weapon longer than that of your opponent), never retreat (to do so would lose all honor), and that your opponent's life is yours to judge upon victory. These weapons provide magical weapon's skill and speed, and powerful healing and healing suppression abilities.

These weapons hold a reputation for 'honor'. Those that wield them will be seen as 'honorable' - even though their honor code is very different from the BlackHeart's- and held to a higher standard. Many a noble or religious warrior has searched for a such a blade, to show that they are right minded and honorable. Only those who believe in their honor will utilize these weapons on a regular basis. (Note: The weapons do not enforce any code (except the one they re-enforce with magic). It is just popular misperception of the weapon.

One or two Master Swordsman wielded BlackHearts simply because of their equilizing gifts and their ability to heal opponents. The many legendary stories of The ElvenGrandMaster HewhoLivesandBreathesSharpSteel-whichdrawsEnemyBlood-andProtectsInnocents have done much to enhance the reputation of BlackHearts.

Magical Properties:

There are four properties:

1) When fighting another person, the BlackHeart will automatically hit a target (apply damage normally), if the target's weapon is larger (or more effective) than the BlackHeart. So the wielder of a BlackHeart Broadsword, would score automatic hits against targets using long swords, great swords, poleaxes, halbards, battle axes, etc. Against weapons of the same size or smaller, attacks must be made normally. Defensive action can be attempted, but they are serious penalties.

2) BlackHearts will not allow you to disengage and retreat until the oppenent/ target allows you. If you attempt to, the weapon shocks the owner with damage equal to twice its weapon strike. Now backing up or moving and still fighting is allowed, even though it might be at a run.

3) BlackHearts have a third property. Damage done by a BlackHeart can only be magically healed IF the wielder allows. This includes death and dismemberment, so various spells to solve these issues will be blocked by magical resistance. This block continues until the owner release it OR the BlackHeart meets another weapon in combat.

4) BlackHearts's last property is that it can also give back damage. The target can be given back half the damage done (or one critical/ killing strike healed). Thus a forgiving BlackHeart wielder can magically heal half the damage they have done to the target, or repair a lost limb, or even bring someone they killed back to life (though this must be done nearly immediately). This healing must be given before the next time the BlackHeart meets another weapon in combat.

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