Full Item Description
It appears to be a bit and bridle set. A bridle is a harness, consisting of a headstall, bit, and reins, fitted about a horse's head and used to restrain or guide the animal. The leather used in the bridle are made of a fine leather, much softer and thinner than a normal bridle. It looks like it would break if any one pulled hard. The leather is tooled with a swirling scrolling pattern that echos celtic scroll and knot work. The bit is always shinny, appearing to be silver. The spooling (the outside edging) has a distinctive knotwork design, with four strands bound by one.

It is interesting to note that the famous Keladon Riders, with their distinctive red uniforms, use that same design on their buttons and as a pseudo heraldic device for the riders. They do not use magic to work with their horses.

This is a classic enchantment, one found in many a grimoire. This enchantment is not as old as horse brass and other horse talismans that draws their roots from older shamanistic magic. This is ancient sorcery that is now difficult to perform because it is so old and so very different than current magics.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Bit and Bridle works on both the horse and the rider. It grants the rider a greater understanding of the mount and its quirks. For the horse, it makes them calmer (not duller, just more focused and less excited) and more responsive (obedient). The horse is also less distracted by other things outside of what its rider wants it to focus on, making it suitable for crowded situations.

Game Mechanic
Significant pluses to riding rolls (as good a master class skill). The horse receives similar bonuses to avoid spooking, tripping, and floundering.

Alternate Versions
This item can be used for any animal that fits it. There are probably versions for every riding beast out there on a magical world. The basic enchantment is the same, only tailored for the beasts.

The Giant Tiger Riders of The Prallan Lands use harnesses like this to actually tame their battle cats.

These are also called Bit and Brides of Command and Harnesses of Skill.

Garage Sale
You might notice that this has a link to the Garage Sale. So some evil cultist, not known for his horse riding, might have one of these hanging around. The reasons? Put the bit in a victim's mouth, the harness over the head, and you have an obedient victim, who is focused on going where you tell them, and won't notice anything else if they happened to be freed. Good for kidnapping.

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