Beverly, of just Bev, appears as a middle aged caucasian woman who seems like her features were sculpted in the likeness of a 1940s film noir femme fatale. She keeps a similar retro-dated hairstyle, highly conservative style of dress, and the immaculate manners of a woman of the same time period. The only thing that detracts from this is a large and prominent scar that runs across the left side of her face, from her hairline down through her eye and most of the way across her cheek. Her left eye is obviously and stylistically artificial.

Why don't I have something done about the scar, get a more realistic cybernetic eye? Well then, my dear, you wouldn't know it was me. What sort of troubleshooter worth her name would be completely Aunt Bea without some obvious tell for the clientele?

The secondary purpose to Beverly's retro-noir demeanor is that it very firmly fixes this image in people's memory, this is how they know her, with the elaborate coiffed hair, the vintage but still sexy attire, and flawlessly executed make-up. When she decides to get on the street and work, wearing an encounter suit, or a jump pack, or wrapped in composite armor, no one would imagine her to be 'that' Beverly.

The Life and Times of a Troubleshooter

Troubleshooters are a subset of shadowrunner, and work in a similar manner as fixers, and many fixers are low profile troubleshooters. In more military terms, troubleshooters combine advance recon, sabotage, and diversionary tactics. They will run ahead of a job, scouting potential locations, providing surveillance, and other forms of clandestine support for actual teams of street samurai, freelancers, cyborgs, and arco-boys. 

Beverly is a very successful troubleshooter, with half of her clients never knowing that she is the actual asset, and not just a secretary or face for the agent. This is very specifically her intent, as it allows Bev to have the upper hand in negotiations, as well as being able to broker information, and take the initiative when she is working. One of her specialties is subcontracting, and will often employ other shadowrunners through a 'double blind' system where she doesn't know specifically who is doing her job, and her shadowrunners have no idea who they are working for. Often she will act as a double blind mediator, connecting very large corporations who wish the remain anonymous, and shadowrunners who do not want to be associated with certain parties. 

More than once she has subcontracted herself, usually in high cost high risk assassination jobs. Beverly, despite her highly refined mid-century Atlantic American demeanor is a calculating relentless killer who has more in common with the mantids that resemble orchids than with black widow spiders. 

I am really no different than any other woman my age, and demographic. I remain unfortunately unmarried, but there is a certain aesthetic and lifestyle I chose to live by, and that would require a man to embrace the ideal of Rhett Butler, or Dick Van Dyke, or any of the other dark haired, debonair, leading men of a century decade very near and dear to my heart. Yes, I enjoy retro-baking, practicing vintage make-up and clothing, it has such a wonderful charm, doesn't it. Everything else, its so cheap and fake, isn't it. Gaudy, flashy. Pish. 

Notable Skills:




Firearms (specialty in beam pistols and rifles, and conventional pistols)

Power Armor Use



Computer Security

Conventional Security

Encounters and Usage

Bev as a patron - working as a go-between, Bev hires the PCs to carry out a job, and starts building a repertoire with the team, until she either sends them on a suicide job, a set-up, or alternately brings them up into a sort of inner circle where they start doing real and serious jobs. 

Bev as an encounter - Bev has a number of working personas: professional escort, curator or art and collectibles, fashion designer and consultant, personal assistant, and so forth. The CE has very commonly available machine identification, through bio-telemtrics, and biometrics. Bev can hack her own data, spoofing the system, and most people dont suspect that both of her eyes are cybernetic, and by changing them, she changes her retinal image. It actually takes someone recognizing her voice, or face, and realizing that the celebrity's art appraiser is the same woman who three months ago was a courtesan for a foreign dignitary. 

Bev as a foe - the troubleshooter has the ability to call in shadowrunner teams of varying skill and competence against a group of PCs, orchestrate their transition from professional to wanted criminal, and show up as anything from a sniper, a hidden knife from a lover's embrace, to actually dropping into a group in a full suit of heavy power armor. She has plenty of money, lots of friends, and lots of people who owe her favors. 

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