Alpha Strike:

The concept of the Alpha Strike team is simple, rapid reaction small units that are on standby should they be needed to act. These are not first responders, or emergency personnel, they are special ops, containment experts, and are tasked with closing Dimensional Fatigue Events, taking down non-standard threats such as augmented humans, parapsychics, cosmic horrors, or whatever abomination escaped from it's lab. They are expected to shoot first and ask questions later.

The Baxter Corp:

A sundry technologies and sub-contractor for research and development, Baxter Corp of New Nuyork is a relatively innocuous operation. It has made a name for itself inside corp circles for being a corporation's corp, in the business of doing business, and generally being useful without trampling toes, engaging in hostile acts, and having one of the best Alpha Strike Programs in the Commonwealth of New England and in the combined Atlantic Federation.

Alpha Strike 01

Alpha Strike Unit 1 is the premiere team in the security sector of the corporation, and they are as much a part of the corporate marketing and media presence as they are combatants. The team started as a five member group, but after having an internal crisis and a member go rogue, the team is down to four members and has no intention of replacing the empty spot on the roster.

  • Captain R. Richards - The current captain of the team was the former second in command, and lead the fight against the previous captain during his defection. Richards is a mentally augmented soldier with a strong grounding in arcanotechnology. As such, he is a competent technician, mechanic, and hobby scientist when he isn't being a tactical leader and soldier. The Captain is an awakened parapsychic with strong telekinesis. He uses this to deliver punches and kicks at great distance, as well as manipulating objects with strength and grace. With his power he can pick up a glass ornament without harming it, or crush the torso of a skeletron with ease. Richards explains his gifts as quantum tunneling, and while it appears that his body and limbs become exceptionally long, warped, or twisted, he is simply reaching through a snarl in space-time.
  • 1st Lt. S. Storm - the acting second in command, Storm is the covergirl of the team, with a good figure, pretty face, and good hair. Before joining Unit 01, Storm was a base officer who was caught in a Dimensional Fatigue Event that caused her to manifest parapsychic powers. While not the most capable fighter, her manifestation of photokinesis allowed her to become invisible at will. After extensive training with other parapsychics, she honed her skills, giving her the ability to create parakinetic barriers strong enough to stop bullets and low energy weapons, and to generate paralaser 'blasts' from her hands. While more of a caregiver than a fighter, her conservative and low key approach to operations balances out well against Richard's aggressive and risky plans.
  • 2nd Lt. J. Spencer - Spencer manifested his pyrokinetic talents when he was six, and has spent the better part of two decades learning to control them. He is a hot-headed individual, fearless to a fault, and a daredevil at heart. He was chosen for Unit 01 for his powers, and requires a strong commanding officer to control him. He specializes in recon, favoring a plasma jet jetpack and a plasma carbine rifle. If pressed into close quarters fighting, he can push himself into a parapsychic burn, where his entire body becomes a conduit of living flame. At this level, his punches deal the same damage as blasts from a plasma rifle, and things like body slams and grappling are the same as being hosed with a plasma based flamethrower. Once this burn is spent, he can spend days unconscious. He also deals well with demolitions, but mostly through experience in destroying things more than actual training.
  • 2nd Lt. B. Alyce - The only non-parapsychic member of Unit 01, Alyce is a giant of a man, having undergone the Dynamo Atlas program, as well as having a new ferro-silicate skin modification. This makes him a mountain of a fighter. He is strong, durable, and able to shake off injuries quickly. With his augmentations and temperament, he is likely to drop his power armor scale guns and go into combat swinging either a powered melee weapon or his own fists. Given his penchant for fisticuffs, he has been provided with Impact Knuckles. These devices allow him to deliver incredible punches without shattering his hands while at the same time, shattering armor plate. Alyce is a carouser, and enjoys alcohol and the attention of the ladies.


Unit 01 has been together for close to five years and during that time, it has responded to seventeen DFEs. During this time, it hasn't lost a single member, but it's success rate is only around 40%. While this would seem like a negative, it doesn't take into account that Unit 01 isn't called out for minor events or incidents. The only levels of response higher than Unit 01 include calling in a sub-orbital detachment of mecha, or close bombardment from a Baxter Corp frigate.

Unit 01's first most notable mission involved a space op where the team was dispatched to the CSS (corp spaceship) Patrick O'Brian, a chemical scow. The ship was in a disintegrating orbit and was projected to make landfall above the Erie region of the Commonwealth of New England. The ship couldn't be shot down because it's hazardous cargo would cause a massive natural disaster worse than the crater it would make otherwise. The ship had encountered a dimensional fatigue event, and the team was sent in to breach the hull, kill anything that needed to be killed, regain control of the ship, and if possible boost it into a better orbit. If not, guide it down to a soft landing, mitigating as much damage as possible. They managed to survive the hostile conditions, butchered a few dozen cosmic horrors and contaminated crewmen, and saved the ship from crashing.

The Unit's most infamous mission involved the defection of their original commanding officer.

  • Major. V. Zefiro - Zefiro is a parapsychically awakened cyborg. He was formerly a member of the Atlantic Federation Armed Forces, where he was seriously injured. After this, he was healed and fitted with cybernetic upgrades to his head and chest. during his arduous recovery phase, he erupted electro- and magneto- kinesis and an innate ability to control machinery, so long as he could touch it. Zefiro lead Unit 01 from inside a power armor suit. He is a brilliant tactician, strategist, and has magnificent leadership skills. The only faults on Zefiro's record are excessive uses of force, and overpenetration and excessive collateral damage on the shoot first rule.

Albania proved disastrous for Unit 01. The unit was deployed into neutral/disputed territory in response to a large scale DFE in progress, and a lack of other rapid responders in the region. The Unit was able to contain the entity that was released by a dimensional reactor failure, but only at high cost. There was a good deal of damage, the members themselves were wounded, and Major Zefiro was contaminated by the entity. Having been converted into a Desolate One by the horror, Zefiro quickly turned on his team mates, disabling them and crippling their ship. He would have likely slain them if not for the timely intervention of a Eurasian submarine force. The entire event quickly became a black eye for BaxCorp and Unit 01, which has since swore an oath to find Zefiro and destroy him.

Current Status:

Unit 01 is currently on station in New Nuyork and can reach any destination in North America in 55 minutes or less, and any terrestrial part of the Atlantic Federation in 90 minutes or less. This is accomplished through the use of an orbital or semi-ballistic transport. Unit 01 launches with two support units, a containment specialist unit consisting of scientists, engineers and other non-combatants, and a back-up support unit. Dubbed Point 1 (Unit 00.1) this is a team of power armor troopers with commando training and suitable weapons. Point 1 frequently works as meat shields or fire support for Unit 01, as needed.

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