The Banner of Shadows
A Banner of Shadows appears as a pitch black flag with an intricate pattern of almost glistening darkness woven upon it's soft surface. The Banner is usually attached to a dark wooden or blackened iron pole. When you raise it above your head and whisper the dark words of it's activation you will find yourself in the protective hands of The Shadow.
Shadow Magic. Much like chess, it is easy to learn (compared to most wizardly pursuits) but can take many lifetimes to master. The Banner of Shadows is a magical item created by many Shadow Casters as an initiation device. It teaches the basics of weaving shadow into an item for a stealthy effect.
Magical Properties
To Activate:
Raise above your head and whisper the phrase or word of activation. This is usually a phrase asking for the blessings of Shadow, and there are a few standard ones, but can be whatever the creator desires.
What does it do?
When the Banner is overhead and the correct words are spoken you will be momentarily blinded, do not worry this is suppose to happen. Only in the darkness will you have perfect clarity. You won't see this, but the ones around you will. The Shadowy design upon the flag will crawl about and expand and reach out it's tendrils of darkness, shrouding everything within twenty paces in all directions.
You will notice at this time that you, and only you, can see everything that the darkness touches with shocking clarity. The darkness will move with you, but it will be loathe to leave an area to the light so you must coerce it with sweet words and promises of more things to shadow.
OOC Notes
- 20' Radius of Darkness centered on the one holding the banner. No light penetrates this darkness, and only you and others touching the Banner (or something else directly touching the Banner) can see in this darkness.
- Works best in already dark areas. Perhaps the darkness can reach farther in natural darkness. Might not work at all in open noon-time daylight.

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