A green silken armband of fine quality. It had black silken thread depicting two dragons entwined and encircled as if dancing or mating.

Griffin's original crime was unimportant. He had been gaining friends for investment reasons outside of his brother's influence and that of the Kingdom. A gift from one of these investors was a green silken armband. While not being very big, it was hidden but his ever day clothes. After the hearing, he began to see things differently. Saw the corruption for what it was. The band was a green silken armband with black dragons dancing in circles. It wasn't wide or thick, but fit easily on Griffin's arm. He even laughed that they dragons seemed to move and dance when he flexed his muscles. He was told that this would help persuade anyone listening to Griffin that the words he said were true.

So he did what any other younger brother to a King would do, he rebelled. Not at first, no. He did so slowly and quietly. Gathering information and friends and allies to his cause over the course of many years gained him many people who he could call on for favors. Being related to the King also added to the ease with which he gained friendships. One such ally he found is fleeting at best, but always around with information when needed.

Griffin doubted the effects but tried it the next day. He spoke to a very diligent believer of the King about his efforts to throw the Kingdom into a corrupted ulcer. He agreed that he saw the same corruption and offered to help and spread the word. Amazed at this, Griffin tried again. He noticed that the more devote they were to the King the harder it was to turn them, but it left doubts where it didn't convince. He was glad and his name and hidden army grew in the shadow of his brother ever quicker.

He saw potential now however. Where before he had wanted only to show the public the wrong that was happening in the Kingdom, he began to think past the present, past the here and now. He began to wonder if he didn't have a better mind in running the Kingdom and protecting her people. Why couldn't he do it? He began getting backers for money and arms wanting to remove his brother from his perch. But he had to wait, had to stall for time. So he spoke with his commanders of their hidden coup and decided to leave and begin their fight with outside help, in the neighboring dwarven kingdom of Thalas.

He has gained some friendship there and has sought their knowledge and service. Some have even quietly spoken of over throwing the Kingdom of Orentia completely. Griffin, while not happy about this, he does see their point as it may be the only way to rid the corruption. They sit trying to find allies in defeating his brother. What he doesn't know is, the allies he is looking to are the puppeteers behind him waging war on his brother. And they want to blame him and Thalas for it.

Magic Properties
The armband does in fact slowly persuade those who listen to the one wearing it that what they say is true. For those who have strong beliefs against what the speaker is saying will not be turned, but may have doubts cast into their thinking and beliefs.

This item has a darker nature however. It is used to not only persuade those who listen to the speaker, but it is also used to persuade the wearer. The one who wears the arm band is linked to a second band of red silk with two birds of flames (Phoenix) entwined in a dance of death. The wearer of the red band can speak into it and affect the person who wears the band of dragon's green. This is a slow process, but they can eventually turn them to their own desires, making them think they are having the thoughts themselves.

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