The Asrolith is a small plaza that predates the town or city here. While originally a field, it became a paved plaza. The Main Temple for the town is facing the Asrolith as the priests frequently use its unique features.

The Asrolith is made up of four sets of standing stones of various heights.

In the center is the Asrodish, a round flat stone nearly two paces across and a half pace high. Dozens of lines are scratched into it, each with glyphs from a pre-imperial tongues native to the area, imperial lettering, and the occasional odd note. The Asrodish will also act as a sundial.

The Prime Ring is actually marked by stones and odd colors of paving stones between them. The first ring of upright stones has 24 tapered round pilars of grey stone two to three strides tall. The Ring is a good forty strides of radius. They denote the 12 zones of the zodiac. Sixteen of the stones are linked in sets of two, with an H like arrangement. (Contrary to popular belief, these are not benches.) The four signs at the equinoxes and solstices are not linked. On many of these stones there are angled corresponding to a number of odd things in the sky. A few have odd holes drilled through them, whos purpose only those of scholarly astrological knowledge might guess.

The Pedi Ring is the next, a mere forty three strides across is made up of 12 upright stones centered upon each zodiac, following the course of the sun through the stars.

The Sece Ring is fifty strides across and made up of 23 upright stones of various heights. Each of these has a number of mystical glyphs (each one corresponding to the prime magical glyphs known to magi). Most of these stones have the odd line and drilled holes. They also have places for torches/ candles to be kept.

The Asrolith is the most accurate keeper of time and repository of astrological knowledge anywhere in the world. The Ancients who built it did a wondrous job, showing an understanding that exceeds much of todays knowledge.

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