Before the city was built by the human, Ashantar was a clean and a beautiful plain. Located to the Southern Hermcidonia Plateau and to the north of Al'Kamand Desert. To the east of the city was an open sea that is perfect for an anchorage. The city was founded by the early and first emperor of Ashantar. A'Shantar Gre' Garganir I. After a long and an arduous war with the demonic forces, A'Shantar lead his men to the eastern part of Mriulnarth (Demon gateway from the burning hell to the living world) to get away from Ni'Zael (One of the demonic prince). A'Shantar was in deep depression as he already failed his father and his people. He thought that the name A'Shantar (Hope and Glory) doesn't feat him anymore. After a long journey to the east, the emperor had finally reached Rumana Plains (the original name before Ashantar was built) where he and his royal army decided to rest and restore all of their depleted energy. There, countless of mysterious event happened. First of the mystery happened was the wounded soldiers were cured and have their energy restored. The emperor didn't believe the rumor, until he sees it by himself. Sidgir, his dying loyal lieutenant have his deep wound cured as if nothing's happened to him. And same goes to the other dying soldiers. Another mystery occurs a night after the last one. But this time, he witness this mystery himself. His left arms was infected by some sort of demonic engravings, where most of his royal magician believed it was a marking of death, and nothing in this world can cure it. The engravings slowly fade away and the pain was no more. He can even swing his hand as hard as he can like how it used to be, but this time, he felt he is more stronger.

A month after they settled on the plain, Ni'Zael with a demonic horde arrived at Rumana Plains. At first, the humans was shocked and terrified. Some of them were desperate to run away. And some intend to suicide. But, even before they manage to escape or suicide, each of the soldier heard a more terrifying voice in the sky, that told them to stand firm and ready to fight their eternal enemy. A second after, they saw their beloved ones. They saw their parents, their sons and daughters, their grandparents, their wives and lastly, their late emperor. This same goes to A'Shantar. In all of sudden, each of the soldier become fearless. Their heart was filled with fury and rage. Their armor and shields become harder and their blade and arrow become sharper. A moment, after, A'Shantar and his army charged to destroy Ni'Zael. The demonic horde was crushed like an ant, the human easily break their rank, the humans had become the faces of terror for the demons. Finally, the humans reached the last rank where Ni'Zael stands. A'Shantar himself challenge Ni'Zael to a duel. Ni'Zael was losing, and he had no choice but to flee from the battle. The humans, had their first victory with the demonic forces. And from that moment, A'Shantar believed that this plains brings them hope. And thus, A'Shantar decided to settle down here and had given the plain a new name. Ashantar, City of Hope.


After A'Shantar had a glorious victory over Ni'Zael, A'Shantar decided to open up the plain as a new kingdom. The first thing he planned to do was to build a stronghold. The stronghold was massive. There were about twelve towers, one in every each corner. And at the middle of the stronghold was a high tower that act as an observatory over the plain surrounding the city. After A'Shantar felt that his people were safe, A'Shantar build all the basic needs of the city, granary, stables, barracks, outposts and a commercial area which include bakery, tannery, blacksmith etc. A year after the development of the city, A'Shantar realise, they need to be wealthy in order to develop a successful empire. Thus, A'Shantar built a tax office to collect golds. But, another problem occur. After they escaped from their homeland, most of his people become poor, and can't afford to pay taxes. Because of this, A'Shantar delay the building of the tax office, instead he focus on trading. He realise, that his people were good at making high quality equipment and clothes. And thus, he expand the trading route of the city to the north. The expansion of the trading route reached Hermcidonia, Griffinia and Berzenia, and soon, this three kingdoms become Ashantar greatest allies. After he found out that his people are quite able to pay the tax, he then, continue on his plan to build the tax offices. Five years after the endless development of the city, A'Shantar had built the first massive dry dock to the east of the city. It was the first of the whole human nations. The dock was as big as the city itself, and to protect the dock, A'Shantar had placed one hundred and twenty outposts surrounding the dry dock and ten barracks each in every specific locations. The dock took about twelve years to finished and become the most popular spot for trading. During the first year of the dock, Ashantar manage to make 300 000 golds only from the Elven nations.


With the success of the dock, A'Shantar felt that the economic level of the kingdom was stable and firm. Thus, making him move to the next step. He wanted Ashantar Kingdom to get involved on the world diplomatics and politics. To do so, he marches with 56 000 men to the western border and finally reached and attack Tarkunkir Stronghold, one of the Orcish Nation city. The siege took about five months and finally, he managed to claim Tarkunkir as one of his colony. Ularg, the orcish chief died in battle. After the successful conquest, A'Shantar again marches on Vlorgag Stronghold. The chief who was responsible for the stronghold fleed away, leaving the rest of the orcish in terror. And thus, A'Shantar easily conquered six more stronghold. Drularg, Grolkir, Tardgir, Genimra', Tvergard and Burtadga. Four years after, A'Shantar managed to stretch his empire to the southern border of the continent. Where to the south of this border was the Necro Nations. His intention to conquer the dead cultist were put to a hold, due to his wife had given birth to the first born son, that he named it Ma'Urim Gre' A'Shantar I. After having his first child, the expansion of the empire was held back until the Urmuk Border (a border that seperates the Necro land from Ashantar Empire). But, he managed to form a large army. The largest army were gathered at Ashantar and Druarnia (formly Drularg). 420 000 and 260 000 respectively, and 75 000 army, which is the smallest amount were gathered at Tarnea (formly Tardgir).


Since, A'Shantar Gre' Garganir I died, 45 years after managed to developed an outstanding empire, there were no more development taking place. Yet. This is because the prince were still young. The throne of the empire was inherited temporarily by his own brother Kyne Gre' Garganir II. The only development that was made by Emperor Kyne II was upgrading the armies equipment and the wall. The wall of Ashantar was supremely massive. King Teo IV of Berzenia stated that the wall took about twenty siege towers combined together in order to reach it, and it took about one hundred and twenty trebuchet to tear down the massive wall. Emperor Kyne II soon named the wall as A'Shantar' Shields after his beloved brother. But people from all around the empire, called the wall as Might of Kyne, since the wall was his own idea. Twenty years after the upgrading of the wall, Emperor Kyne II died, leaving his beloved daughter, Princess Enthea. The throne then returns to Ma'Urim I. As he claim the throne, he also married Princess Zinnelyea of Griffinia (second child of the old King Titer III). There were no development during Emperor Ma'Urim I, but his people were soon about to discover the knowledge of techmaturgist. The first invention was the Gunblade by Deuzskr from Druarnia. But the invention was kept as secrets from the world, even Ashantar' allies.


Ashantar had a finest warrior. From a melee fighter to the skilled ranged sharp-eyed, Ashantar' army is at the top of the world.


Men-at-Arms - As any other kingdoms, Men-at-Arms are a typical backbone soldier of an entire army. They are very skilled and highly determined to win the battle for their king/emperor. In Ashantar' case, Men-at-Arms are also known as the Blade and Shield for the people. Ashantar' Men-at-Arms are equiped with scutum (in reality, it is a type of shield that were used by a Roman soldier), long sword and two pilums (in reality, it is a type of waepon used by the Roman soldier. Javelin). This makes them a worthy foe in the battlefield. Not just they are capable at melee warfare, but they are also deadly at range. Most of the Men-at-Arms are also equiped with a full set body armor made out of a light steel. The helmet they were using had an engravings that shows 'A'Shantar is our Hope'

Aran - Aran are the best quality of soldier in Ashantar. They usually adept at fast paste fighting tactics, and prefer to pick a stronger opponents. Those who became Aran were trained since they were a kid and will be tested at the age of 10, 12, 16, 18 and 20 as their final test of becoming an Aran. Aran usually equiped with heavy armor and a great sword. Some prefer double-blade, a battle-axe, long spear or a lance.

Best Aran during Emperor Kyne II

* Lord Merlim of Druarnia

* Lord As'Sheen of Venvetia

* Lord Clintuer of Genimra'


Archer - Like any other kingdoms, name it a human nations, elven nations, orcish nations, necropolis nations etc. Archer is an essential units that could change the tide of war. Their marksmanship is very important to the whole army. In Ashantar', each of the archer were armed with a longbow and a light steel armor to protect themselves. Each of these archers were also equiped with a short sword to increase their efficiency at melee combat.

Gunblader - During the era of Emperor Ma'Urim I, gunblades were widely distributed to all Ashantarian army. Those who equip themselves with the gunblade were known as the Gunblader. Usually, they aren't involved in a large scale battle. Their role in the kingdom was as an enforcer that help to protect each of the city in the empire.


Kyne's Striker - During Emperor Kyne II, he had formed a calvalry that is effective to destroy the enemies rank. Kyne's Striker were armed with a spear, full set armor and a long sword. Their horses were also equiped with a full set armor. The chest plate of the horse armor was specially forged to withstand an impact and to ram the enemies rank.


1. Emperor A'Shantar I 

2. Emperor Kyne II (Temporarily)

3. Emperor Ma'Urim I (1st born child of Emperor A'Shantar I)

4. Emperor Kyne III (1st born child of Emperor Ma'Urim I)

5. Emperor A'Shantar II (2nd born child of Emperor Ma'Urim I)

6. Emperor Fishur I (3rd born child of Emperor Ma'Urim I)

7. Emperor Kyne IV (1st born child of Emperor Kyne III)

8. Emperor Ma'Urim II (1st born child of Emperor Kyne IV)

9. Emperor Saarth Lornard I (1st born child of Emperor Ma'Urim II)

10. Emperor Saarth Lornard II (1st born child of Emperor Saarth Lornard I)

11. Emperor Saarth Lornard III (1st born child of Emperor Saarth Lornard II)

12. Emperor Averemarn I (1st born child of Emperor Saarth Lornard III)

13. Emperor Rethernas I (1st born child of Emperor Averemarn I)

14. Emperor Rethernas II (1st born child of Emperor Rethernas I)

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