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December 4, 2005, 3:34 pm

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Arune Spheres


The unearthly sound echoed across the faire over the din of the crowd. An apprentice trying to make some extra coin had found a way to utilize his training tool.  While this would scandalize his master and his peers, the common folk were mesmerized by the unique sound this instrument performed.

Full Item Description
Arune Spheres are hollow, blue reflective metallic spheres about 25 cm/ 10” in diameter (though some are larger).  They are made of a thickish glass mirrored on the inside.

To use, one normally sits in a lotus position, with the sphere in the lap. Two hands lightly grasp its sides.  The practioner closes their eyes and concentrates on the flow.

Magic/Cursed Properties
When magical energies are flowed through the sphere, it produces a haunting tone, which can be varied by the type, intensity, and harmonics of energies passed through it. (It sounds like an electronic organ.)  If multiple energy flows are generated, multiple sounds can be generated, some of which sound like mundane instruments. Masters of The Craft can replicate almost any sound in their memory with one.

Though originally used as a training tools for those with The Power, it has been adapted to be a musical instrument. All it takes is someone with patience, medative training, and a touch of the Power, to use it.  (Thus becoming the favorite instrument of anyone who was tested to the first level of the Craft, but failed to advance).

There are many pieces written for the Arune Sphere that sound odd if played on the harpiscord or other instrument.

Many an apprentice with some musical talent will earn extra coin using a sphere.

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Comments ( 8 )
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Voted KendraHeart
December 5, 2005, 0:51
These are really cool. It takes a tool used in one trade and transfers it to another... adaptive technologies.

This is a musical item you just would not of thought of. It has no approximate historical analog. Thus worthy.
Voted Spark
December 19, 2005, 18:46
I like the arune spheres for two reasons - 1, the idea of a magic-powered instrument is cool, and 2, it opens up all sorts of possibilities for mage-bards. Good work!
Voted Pariah
December 19, 2005, 23:09
I like it and have decided that Im going to learn how to play one.
January 25, 2006, 11:28
There is that awful computer game run by a biofeedback machine. That at least is more interactive than your average set of biostatic equipment.
November 26, 2006, 14:57
This, plus the prayer bell bowls, are the best "magical" musical instruments there are.
Voted herrozerro
October 7, 2010, 16:09
I was looking for something for one of my Bard players and this is perfect!
Voted valadaar
March 24, 2016, 10:47
Now this is a great item! Theramin would approve!

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