The Artisans District is home to the large, half shell theatre the Lorantos Theatre. The theatre is named after Lorantos Trugeone, a famous bard who was invited to the city and never got around to leaving. The theatre was built on a commission from the royalty when a trend in supporting the fine arts was prevalent. Although the arts aren't coveted as they once where, the rich and noble make a show out of going to the at least one of the many shows that are held throughout the summer. It was made from plans he himself drew out and was completed in time for him to give the very first performance. It was a memorable recital of the Three Kings of Antolog which is a favorite in these parts. He died soon after.

Because of the theatre, many aspiring actors and bards are found throughout the streets, practicing and entertaining as street performers trying to get a noble to sponsor them. Very often there are travelers from other cities on behalf of their nobles in search of fresh entertainment.

The Artisan District is also a popular place to visit for a lunch or dinner due to the fact that there are few pestablishments that do not have live entertainment available. The class of patrons is usually upper with a dignified stint to it all but there is also plenty of backroom entertainment if you know where to find it.

The district slows down in the winter months when most of the lucky entertainers move on to reside with the nobles and rich that have sponsored them, but in the spring time it always picks up once again.

At the end of the summer, one of the most talked about events is the Parade of Silk. It was a tradition started by The silk trader, Aston, who hired a group of entertainers to parade down the main road swirling silk that the he provided. The parade ended at the doorstep of Aston's Silk Shop where he had ready large displays of his imported silk. It was such a success and Aston did so well from it that he started sponsoring it every year. After awhile it took on a life of its own. The traditional route is still followed and Aston's offspring are still selling their silks, but it has grown to a large gawdy affair with anybody who has a silk joining in creating a wonderous kaleidoscope of colored silk along the entire parade route.

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